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She is currently killing it on tour with Britney, Ciara told me she is loving being on the road, kinda has a man but didn’t wanna talk about him and guess what even though she is touring with Britney they have not even hung out yet!


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Just got back from the opening night of Britney Spears Circus Tour at London’s 02, it was off the hook, Britney killed it the dancers were on fire, the circus theme was exciting to watch and oh yeah her body looked bangin can’t hate!
I got to sit in the hottest seats in the building with 1 of the most important men in the UK G Stabana, he takes care of Beyonce, Kings Of Leon and the king of Pop Michael Jackson!
Me end of night happy!
brit 2


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Ok I’m not gonna front I do like Britney even though she acts reckless and tends to mime alot..the new single is ‘If You Seek Amy’…video is typical Britney I’m sure she will have another hit but come on Britney this is such a predictable video …you can come with better!

Britney Tour Rehearsals Video!!

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She is looking good right??

Bone Thugs N Harmony R Recording With Britneys ex????

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Remember these guys!
Well they are recording with Britneys ex Kevin Ferderline!

Check out what Layzie said below

“It’s gonna be viewed and doubted by a lot of people, Bone Thugs N Harmony with a brand new platform, we’re coming to show everybody what type of real hitmakers we are. We’re gonna make a multi-platinum album and party with the paparazzi. We coming to prove y’all wrong TMZ! Kevin Federline is gonna be platinum when Bone Thugs N Harmony is done with him.”

Mmmmm I guess they don’t realise the paparazzi don’t care about Kev no more!!
The track is said to be about being chased by the press and paps..can’t wait!!

Britney Flopped!!

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So I really like Britney and on the real wanted her to smash it last night on Ex Factor instead she mimed, danced badly and looked out of place on stage!!

Britney Why?????????????????????

Check it out for yourself

Plus to make matters worse Alexandra who is a contestant sounded and looked better at impersonating Britney then Britney herself!!

It’S bRiTnEy BiTcH!!

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Love her or hate her Britney is a superstar, I gotta be real I got more love then hate for her.  Check out pics from her new video ‘Womanizer’

The video was directed by Joseph Khan the man behind  the videos for Stronger and Toxic.

Check out a preview that’s been leaked….

The single is the first to be taken from Britney’s upcoming studio album Circus.