Usher’s new album Raymond V Raymond is out now.  The album has him working with Wil.I Am, T.I. Ludacris and Nicki Minaj.  I have 5 copies up for grabs. To win simply answer the question below and please leave a contact email.

In the video for Love In This Club, who played the female lead?

A Alicia Keys

B Cassie

C Keri Hilson

Winners will be announced on Friday.  Good luck.


31 Responses to “USHER COMPETITION!”

  1. C. Keri Hilson

  2. India Walton Says:

    C. Keri Hilson …

  3. C; Keri Hilson (Ms Keri Baby)

  4. C. Keri Hilson…

  5. James Green Says:

    Its C…..Miss Keriii Babey

  6. KERI HILSON! i love that video xx

  7. Nick Borthwick Says:

    C Keri Hilson!

  8. C) Keri Hilson

  9. C) keri hilson.

  10. Diana Carolina Valencia Says:

    This is so easy!!! It’s C. Keri Hilson… 😀 Love this Song…. I wanna make love in this club!!! LOL

  11. James Green Says:

    OOPS i 4 got to leave my email.

    C,Keri Hilson

  12. emma wilcox Says:

    c. Keri Hilson

  13. Colin Peters Says:

    Max the answer is C) Keri Hilson

  14. (C) KEri Hilson

  15. Sofia Ajmal Says:

    answer: c) keri hilson x

  16. c Keri Hilson

  17. the answer is :
    C – Keri Hilson

  18. Jessica jessica Says:

    C. Keri Hilson

  19. Princess N Says:

    Keri Hilson x

  20. franklyn P Says:

    the answer is C. Keri Hilson

    Peace Max

  21. F. 3 dayz without a new post…

  22. franklyn P Says:

    Hi Max forgot my email

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