It looks like she is wearing a babies jump-suit….

In other Rihanna news her stylist Mariel Haenn has been talking about the tour.

“With a team of about 30+ people we are almost done. 2 days left. From brainstorming ideas to creating mood boards, researching fabric, sketches and technical meetings daily we are finally seeing the vision come to life.

It’s a phenomenal feeling to be able to have a thought in mind and see it through its production. Rihanna, band, dancers, and background vocalists all to be dressed with specific creatives and looks that are thought out thoroughly and all determined by the music. 5 sections, 22 songs, 6 full changes and 9 add ons for Rihanna, 11 changes for 9 dancers, 5 changes for 2 singers and so on and so on… oh and duplicates of every out fit – around the clock work for weeks and around 200 outfits that all need to be packed in 2 days.

I’ve been working with Ri since the Umbrella days and I am impressed with and proud of the team. This show is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see it.

Everyday as the pieces of the puzzle come together from choreography to the video montages on the LED screens on the stage, to props and lighting and of course the costumes. I look forward to the show getting on the road. Sorry can’t show any pics now but soon the world will see what we have been cookin up for the fans.”


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