Monique explained back in 2006 that she does not believe in shaving her legs


16 Responses to “MONIQUE NOOOOOOOOO!!”

  1. lol thats just disgusting for a lady

  2. Au natural? NO THANKS.

  3. 1 word RANK

  4. OMD Fix up moniqe your a celeb with moneys! Theres no excuses, Jheez

  5. 1st response – Oooohhh Heeellllll Naaaw!
    2nd response – Hey, I’ts sold outside….insulation!

  6. Arthur Brazil!! Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHA AWESOME I just heard and had to check it. THANKS for sharing this …. view KKKKK lov u =)

  7. hahahaaa.
    it think its funy when celebrites do thingslike this, i showsthat theyre o all as amazing as the media makes them out to be. theyre just human x

  8. mykil skankton hardison Says:

    I didn’t know the flinstone look was in!

  9. it really doesn’t take that long to slick on some veet and rinse.

  10. she’s killin it. holdin it up for all those hairy bears out there. its ok mo’nique im sure you’ve learnt your lesson… (start shaving!)

  11. are those leggings??????

  12. Danny boi Says:

    that is just crim max ! i mean im a mans man but them legs make my look shaven man

  13. :O << not much else to say really…

  14. Now those be shear ENERGY legz!

  15. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Mo’Nique said she doesn’t believe in shaving her legs during a 2006 interview on the US chat show “The View”.
    Here’s the link,

    Expect to see her hairy legs at the Oscars.

  16. no no no, looks like man legs

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