Woah super busy day yesterday.  Caught up with 50 and the cast of  new film ‘Dead Man Running’ which is out in  the UK next week. It’s produced by Man U’s Rio Ferdinand and Chelsea’s Ashley Cole.

50 was in good spiirts arriving fashionably late (never understand why PR peeps book interviews for 10 am rappers are never out of bed that time)

He asked  me to call him Curtis as he prefers that when he is doing the film thing.  Curtis was hyped to be in the new Brtitsh gangstar film although he only had a short part due to other commitments.  Acting is an area he seems very comfortable in he told me he has just directed and produced his own film which will be out next year.  I had to ask him about being spotted with British singer Jamelia at the premiere he said it was totally innocent the paps asked them to pose together.  I gotta say I think Mr Jackson has a girl just by the way he was answering some of the questions, although he did insist he wanted a GOOD girl whatever that means.


Album wise ‘Before I Self Destruct’ is coming soon and will feature Dre and Eminem aswell as Ne-yo and a couple more special guests.  He asked Kelly Rowland to be his leading lady in his new video for ‘Baby By Me’ due to the fact that she is ‘hot’ his words totally agree. He also said the chemistry between them will surprise people.


Also caught up with the star of the film Temar Hussan really talnted and nice guy, the legend that is Brenda Bleythn and actress Monet Mazur.




Dead Man Running is out next Friday check it out!


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