The track is called ‘Playing With Fire’ it’s a smash expect a Number 1, check out pics from video-shoot.


267 Responses to “N DUBZ & MR HUDSON NEW SINGLE!”

  1. WOW, Fazer looks so different in a suit jacket, still nice tho 😉 T looks stuunin as always. cant wait for the track!.x

  2. They scrub up rather nicely,don’t u think? lol

  3. Omg, yeah Hassina, Fazer looks well fit! I think Im gonna be drooling when I see the vid! Btw, hi!

  4. Haha zoe i know! im so used to seeing him all rugged lol, and yes very fit. lol , hiya 🙂 i always come on the blog and the support u girls show for T i think is great and u all seem really nice :).x

  5. You should come on here more oftenn!
    Thanks, we love T, shes propaa amazinggg!
    I think Fazer should dres up more often, phwoarrrr!

  6. I will now 🙂 i no so talented!
    haha i know, i dont think he realises how nice he looks lol.x

  7. Yayy!
    Hopefully he will noww, like even at premieres and stuff he wears hoodies. I like the hoodie, blazer and jeans look on guys though so I wanna see him pull that off too!
    You going to N-Dubz Xmas tour?

  8. We’re not nice really Hassina,we just pretend to be LOL,just kidding.Welcome anyway!!
    We luv T on here.
    Don’t fancy either of the boys,but Faze looks far better like that,very fresh.
    LMAO Zoe,u lil slapper wanting him to pull that off,u just want him to get his kit off altogether LOL [luv ya really Zoe!!!]

  9. Zoe,u have to choose Faze or Justin,u can’t have them all LOL
    loool Nikki
    welcome Hassina.

  10. I choose Faze!
    Hah, yeah, you bet I do Nikki!

  11. LMAO,see Rach,Zoe is sharing with u.She wants Faze n u can lust after Justin.Its all caring n sharing here lol

  12. Haha Hi Nikki and Rachel :). and no zoe 😦 i can’t get any tickets but im hoping to see them next year. are any of you girls going to see them? ive seen them once at cov n they were wiked!
    ahh i think fazer’s gawjuss! 😉 lol.x

  13. Aww, whats like the nearest venue to you?
    Yeah, im seeing them 8 weeks today, theres like a whole load of people from twitter meeting up there so cant waitt!
    Ooh, did you see them at Kasbah?

  14. well i live in rugby so cov’s the nearest. and yeah i went to see them at kasbah! ooo bet ur well excited? not long to go lol. ohh i have twitter 2, what ur url thing lol so i can add u? have u been to see them live before?.x

  15. we’re all going Hassina!!! Rachel and Zoe are going to have a screaming contest when they go LOL,and Rachel isn’t gonna faint this time LOL
    [we just tease each other Hassina,don’t think we’re being nasty to each other or anything.Its all love here lol]

  16. LMAO Hassina u left Tonya out!!!! There’ll be trouble lol,just kidding.We don’t mess with Tonya,she’s adopted all of us round here haha.

  17. aww maybe next time lol. well im sure u girls will have a wiked time! haha be sure to let me no who screams loudest lol. did rachel faint last time?! oops sorry tonya hii 🙂 haha aww bless is she like the mum then lol?
    ha i know its all lovee, :).x

  18. haha Rach went to her first concert and it was to see her absolute hero T,and we were sooo proud of her for hanging on and not fainting LOL.Thts our cute lil Rach
    Zoe keeps trying to corrupt Rach tho haha
    LMAO Mama Tonya.Yeah,she’s our adopted mum and she’s wicked,she’s been pretty special to all of us.

    LOL glad u know i was only teasing hahaha,don’t want anyone to think we’re being nasty to each other.We’ll be teasing u before the week’s out lol

  19. My twitter is http://www.twitter.com/zazi25 🙂
    I saw them at their Uncle B tour cause I won a comp, gotta meet them before the gig and it was the best day of my life!
    Are they going to Coventry on their xmas tour?

  20. Aww did she get to meet T? haha. aww she sounds wicked,hopefully get to chat 2 her soon!
    It was my birthday last week and NDUBZ sent me a tweet saying happy birthday i actually couldnt belive it lol, made my day tho! god knows how id cope actually meeting them lol.
    lol i know ur not nasty.
    hahaa i’ll look forward 2 it lol!
    do u have twitter?.x

  21. 😮 really zoe! thats was well lucky! i bet T still looked gawjuss, what did u say to them lol?
    Noo theyre not coming to cov 😦 but hopefully they should be coming back to kasbah next year!.x

  22. Wow,bet tht made u’re day getting a tweet from them!!
    Happy belated bday
    T gave us a shout out on Max’s show a while back.I think we all screamed that day,we were all sooo sooo happy.I’ll never forget tht ever!!!
    I didnt meet them but T waved when she was outside,thts when i nearly fainted haha,nearly nikki!!! nearly.
    Zoe met them,and Faze is moving near Nikki,and Tonya’s met everyone huge lol.

  23. It did!
    aww thanks 🙂
    WOW i bet u guys were like screaming lol!!
    haha nearlyy,
    ohh zoee u r one lucky girl! i actually love fazer lol, (not in one of those obssesed stalker type ways lol) zoe n faze will be lyk neighbours!
    Really? Tonya must be really lucky aswell lol.x

  24. Aww, I wishh!
    Everyone HAS to have 1 of Fazer’s amazing high fives!
    Omg wowww, your well luckiii!
    My mate got a Happy Bday tweet off Tinchy which I thought was cool!
    How old you now?

  25. OMG, just saw N-Dubz tweet to you, YOU LUCKY GALLLL!

  26. ah i want one now lol!
    lol well u see i kind of hinted on twitter but i didnt think they had seen it becuase i didnt write it to them i just put it as my staus thing, n then fazer was lyk i was looking for ur username earlier becuz i saw ur hint yesterday, i was lyk ahhh lol!
    ah that is cool!
    17 now 🙂 how old r u? if u dnt mind me askin lol.x

  27. haha well you’ve actually met them zoe it doesnt get better than that!.x

  28. OMG, WOWWW!
    Im gonna be 16 in a week, can’t waitt!
    Yeha, true, wanna meet them again thoughh! Nicest people everrr!

  29. wooo hey drop a hint on twitter n u never know u might get a tweet aswell 😉 lol.
    ahh well if u ever get the chance take me with youu ! lol
    aww they do seem proper down 2 earth.
    how old r the other girls on here?.xx

  30. Nikki,will u be able to go n see New Edition on 28th and Maxwell on 31st of this month??
    If u can i’ll courier the tickets to u [dont trust them getting to u in time with the way mail is]

    Welcome Hassina!!!!

  31. Haha, yeah, will tweet like mad if I do get tickets so Ill let youuu knoww!
    Read my last tweet, thats how badly I want ticketsss! 🙂 x

  32. Hiya Tonya! 🙂 ive heard ur the mum of the group lol..xx

  33. LOL!!! Is tht what they’ve told u??? these are my naughty children!!

    U watch Hassina,Zoe will win those tickets [which i guess is for BBC Switch??] cos Zoe wins everything!!!!

  34. Haha yepp! the mother figure 🙂
    dont worry it was all nice things lol.
    aww i wish i had the luck u n the girls have!!.xx

  35. I actually did win them tickets! I managed to find the link before it was announced on radio 1 that it was live! Got 3 tickets, everyone begging me to take them now!

  36. Wooo haha, well done babee.x

  37. T is ill again from exhaustion 😦
    Hope you get better soon T!
    Funy how this weekend has given me 1 of the best evenings of my life and 1 of the worst. Sadly my nan passed away last night, we knew on Wednesday she was gonna die in the next few days but still a big shock. Switch tickets definitely cheered me up.

  38. Ok, T is gonna be ok, shes just really tired and is staying at Justins to rest.

  39. http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2009/10/19/pete-has-it-rapped-up-115875-21757638/


  40. LMAO check u out AGAIN Zoe!! u’re a born winner.
    Hassina,Zoe just wins everything going,no joke!!

    Oh Zoe,i’m sorry to hear bout u’re Gran.She’s finally at peace now.She’s been ill a while.U should’ve said babe,we wouldve tried to help u thru it.Y’know we’re all here for u
    Just think of the good stuff Zoe,don’t think of Nan in her illness stages.She’s only gone in body,not in memory.

    Get well soon T.We luv ya!!!
    T is just a person who has low immune system i think.But how many times have we talked on here about them being worked too hard.We’ve said time n time again that they need regular breaks cos it will tell on their health later on.
    GET WELL VERY SOON T,we all luv ya loads.

    OMFG Tonya!!!! are u serious bout those tickets!!!!!!! Thts amazing AGAIN!!! i’m gonna send u an email now.
    this is why Tonya is amazing Hassina,she is just the most generous person i thinkany of us know!!!

  41. TOLD U Zoe would win those tickets!!!!!
    Sorry to hear about u’re Nan Zoe.She’s free from suffering now.Things will get better,i promise u.
    LOL has naughty T just been skivving to have a few days with Justin???????? juust kidding,I hope she feels better soon,and its true Nikki,i think she has a low immune system too,and we have chatted so many tmes about the need for regular days off for them.

    Oh dear lord,not Peter Andre!!!!!!!!!! tht is not big or clever!!!

    Hassina,the age range on here goes from 15 to 34 [i’m 15 of course lol]

    Nikki,i’ve couriered those tickets for u!!! enjoy!!

  42. btw Max is covering the early mornings on Radio 1 this week also,so if u’re up at 4am u can listen.
    U were very awake this morning Maxine!!!!!

  43. aww i hope T gets well soon!
    haha nikki tonya did say to me that she bet zoe would win the tickets!!
    u were right tonya!
    Aww Nikki she is VERY generous 🙂
    hmm NDubz n peter andre? im not feeling it altho im sure NDubz will make a smasher (hopefully).xx

  44. http://stevelangstaff.blogspot.com/2009/10/monday-19th-october.html

    Peter Andre????????????? Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please don’t do it loooool
    LOL Zoe strikes Gold AGAIN!!! U’ve never seen anyone win like Zoe Hassina looool.

    Thats really sad about u’re Nan Zoe.Are u ok?

    bet T’s been partying too much lol!!!! Its not her fault if she is a person that gets ill alot.Just like its not Zoe’s fault she’s allergic to school lol.

  45. I cant go to BBC Switch live anymore cause its a Sunday, its in London and I have mock GCSE exams coming up so Rach or Hassina do you fancy going? Got 3 tickets.
    Yeah, im ok, my mates cheered me up loads.
    Haha, I got a letter through from the school the other day complaining about my 75% attendance so far this year, it should be 95%, whoops!

  46. haha Rachel i dont think i have!
    haha i went thru a point of being allergic to school 😉 ha
    awww zoe 😦 u were really lookin forward 2 it aswell 😦
    aww if rachel wants to go then she can hav the ticket 🙂
    thanks for askin babee !.x

  47. hahaha look its Dappy AND Dino

  48. hahaha i wonder if anyone else realised that mistake lol.x

  49. oh Zoe.Did u know what day the gig was on????????
    I’ll never be able to go cos its in London [even tho i’m skivving to go to the N Dubz gig in London].Thankyou tho Zoe.
    LOL 75%,my parents would go mental.I’ve only ever missed 5 days of school altogether looool

    Thts rare,a vid of T and Ultra.Sounds like he’s auditioning to join the group looool
    Was that taken at the weekend??? and T is supposed to be ill???? looool naughty.

  50. lol Hassina,the press are stupid sometimes.

  51. Yeah but went for it anyway hoping my parents would let me go. Oh well, going to the one in December and can’t wait. On the 8th November theres gonna be 5 hours of coverage on radio 1 so yayy!
    I think it was cause it said on Sunday at the top of the vid so like yesterday.
    Hassina ok the offer is open to you now, you want the tickets?

  52. U still might be able to twist their arms to let u go Zoe!!!

  53. Haha, if only!
    I think Tulisa was at the thing last night with Ultra.
    N-Dubz got meeting with their record label, management and a load of other big people tomorrow about their future so good luck to them! Nothing bad though, just to see where their gonna go in the future and stuff.

  54. aww zoe i would LOVE to go but my parents mite not like me goin to london alone lyk wivout frends or anythin, Thank you so much for asking tho!!
    yeahh try n persuade ur mum ndad to let go, they might jus giv in u never no!.xx

  55. Zoe is very persuasive loool
    The album had to be handed into the rec company today i think!!!
    They might be having a meeting about renegotiating their deal or something??? and to decide if and when to go Stateside

    Naughty T,not showing up to Manchester to go swaning round with Ultra LOOOL.I blame Max,she’s just corrupting T!!!
    [we like to tease Max sometimes Hassina lol]

  56. Haha im sure u doo 🙂
    i can’t wait for the album its going to be wiked!!
    u will be lucky tho if ur goin to their xmas party becuase they’ll b preformin there new songs!.x

  57. not long to wait til the album.I was saying the other day,i hope too many tracks don’t get leaked cos it will be nice to hear it fresh n new when we buy it!!!

  58. i know yeahh, it kind of spoils it to hear it before the albums out.x

  59. Ok, that vid is from last night. Just saw a flyer for the event on Facebook and it said Sunday 18th October 7-11pm Tulisa and Ultra

  60. tht video is very sweet,but T sure as hell doesn’t look ill to me!! If her name was printed on the flyer then it could be that she was never gonna appear at tht Hologram gig,and was always gonna appear with Justin.
    I actually think its cool,cos she’s obv learned alot from what went wrong with Adam,and has decided to balance out time with Justin AND it could help him get a bit more recognition for his upcoming album also
    So good on her.
    Glad u’re doing ok Zoe!! But u know we’re here for u if u need us [u knew tht already]

    Chippee is coming on Channel 5 in a min

    Hassina,u’re well sweet and we’re happy u’ve joined us.

  61. yeahh i agree Nikki n i think its good shes spendin time with justin aswell.
    awww thank you Nikki! thats really sweet. you girls are all lovely!! and im glad i joined :).xx

  62. Bless u Hassina.
    I think its really sweet on the video when he’s looking at her,cos he looks in awe of her,and i dont mean in a way that he’s scared of her,or that she’s superior in status to him,i’m talking bout in a way tht he’s kinda looking at her like DAMN,how did i get her!!!
    I think its sweet.
    Yeah Hassina,i think she’s at a stage where she’s realised that in this business if u start to neglect u’re relationship for the sake of fame,it will swallow u’re relationship whole
    She’s a smart girl and i think she’s wanting to not let that happen again.
    U shoulda joined earlier Hassina,we don’t bite lol

  63. Haha yeahh i say good for her!
    haha i noo, i jus dint want u girls to thin k iwas lyk imposin or anything lol.xx

  64. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2690012/N-Dubz-get-extension-from-record-company-on-finishing-album.html

    lol,nah we wouldnt think tht Hassina,we chat to anyone as long as they’re nice n respectful [not to us,but to T and Max’s blog]

  65. I wonder if the album has been handed in this time!! they’re not leaving much time to get it printed n mastered n god know’s what,before it has to be shipped out

  66. yeahh i no nikki :).x

  67. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5hNoEAYiNv7DYg60BzkaZZps0J93A

    looks like they are in Heat!! will have to buy tht tomorrow
    LOL nice to see Dappy will take Peaches to a top class restuarant like McDonalds lol

  68. Haha McDonalds classyy ;).xx

  69. LOL,its good enough when its Peaches Geldof involved haha

  70. Haha well said! i’m sure she wouldn’t be too fussed.x

  71. lol,as long as she’s getting publicity.She’s a strange girl,u would think given what happened to her mum,that she would be keen to live a more calm lifestyle!!

  72. I heard that Nadine from Girls Aloud’s vocals have been taken OFF tht new Boyz II Men single,prob cos it was sooo awful and not many ppl liked it

  73. I know yeah!, but hey clearly not lol.x

  74. LMAO Peaches,u have no idea how many times i’ve seen her staggering about London!!!!
    GOOD!!! Cos tht Boyz II Men track with her was awful,and i love BIIMen!!! did anyone notice she was the only one AGAIN tht didnt show up to support Cheryl on X Factor.She mustve been too busy practising her fake American accent with Joss Stone lool.

  75. LMAO the new album artwork for Against All Odds has been ‘revealed’ today,but its been on all the sites to pre-order album for weeks looool

  76. Really?! i wished i lived in London! ive actually never come across anyone famous jus randomly lol.
    i no i thought the exact samae thing! lyk wen holly was talkin 2 the rest of Girls Aloud i noticed she wasn’t there, sumone should hav said something lol.x

  77. whenever i hear tht album title i have visions that they have done a Phil Collins cover on the album [Against All Odds],what with them working at the studio Genesis record at lool
    Can u just imagine Dappy crooning a nice lil sentimental ballad like Against All Odds? lol

  78. visit London Hassina,u’ll be tripping over famous folk looking worse for wear lol.I wont tell u how many times Max has staggered about [LOL JUUUUUUUST KIDDING]
    Its no wonder there’s always Girl’s Aloud split rumours going on.I think she has the notion she’s superior to the other girls a lil bit

  79. Yeah the cover was out but it didnt have all the graphics behind it.
    yeahh i don’t really see where they were coming from with the album title lol, i thougth they would hav like related it to some of their tracks.
    haha ohh yess Dappy an power Ballad u never know 😉
    Haha might pop down lol 😉 haha yepp maxx you’ve been caught out (haha just jokingg).x

  80. Got Heat and its like a 3 page interview! Its well good!
    Hattie Collins doing interview with N-Dubz tomorrow.
    N-Dubz did get theri album finished in time today.
    Got braces off today after 3 and half eyars of pain so well happy!
    I can see where they’re coming from with the title of their album cause they’ve become successful against all odds such as growing up in the area that they did and the stuff that went wrong with polydor.

  81. bought Heat yest but haven’t had chance to read it properly yet,but hey how cool,them getting in mainstream media this time around!! bout bloody time,but better late than never

    GO ZOE!!!! those braces have been annoying u for weeks.How does it feel?????

    Hattie Collins makes me laugh so looking forward to tht interview,should be good esp as she’s Ts mate anyway.

  82. I was pissing myself listening to Max’s show on Radio 1 earlier.She has this security guy on and he tells stories about diff celebs he’s looked after at BBC,n u have to guess who he’s talking about
    He was on today bout this girl who’s hair weave was slipping off lol,n he had to tell her,so she refused to go out the front way at the beeb…LMAO it was Keisha from Sugababes
    I was cracking up

    Max totally cracks me up,cos it doesnt matter what time she’s on,she laughs all thru her shows.Its just wicked cos she really loves being on radio,and it shows.

  83. btw Kanye West is NOT dead,if u hear tht rumour,cos its been going round yest,he is NOT dead.
    PPL are sick for starting those types of rumours!!

  84. oh u’ll be happy now Zoe,u’ve been itching to get those braces off!!!

    haha i heard the security guy thing as well Nikki,i was laughing as well.Everyone was guessing Beyonce loool
    Max was like that on MTV as well.I think its the reason her show works so well,ppl are drawn in if they feel someone is truly loving what they do.

    The Kanye rumour was ridiculous,tht all started when his tour with Lady Gaga got cancelled and the headline was Kanye and Lady Gaga Tour Is Dead’..so they twisted it to him dying!!

  85. yeah i heard that about Kanye aswell! i knew it wasn’t true tho. it was ridiculous lol.x

  86. wonder how many ppl did believe it!!!!

  87. UGH,does Joss ‘willfucka’ Stone never learn anything?,she’s on E now,telling ppl to have a listen to her album when smoking some weed!!!
    [incase u didnt know Hassina,i’m unfortunate to be where she’s from lol]

  88. Doyubt many believed the rumour altho u do get sum people hu belive anythin!
    haha Rachel, really!.x

  89. lol,yeah Hassina,she’s an idiot

  90. woah Nikki and Tonya,it looks like u guys did hear right about the Electric Proms,weeks ago


  91. Omg wat the hell! pathetic? how pathetic does she look postin tht!?
    and yeahh its NDubz lol not NDuz hahaa, if ur gonna dis them atleast get their name right!.x

  92. ooh 1xtra!! thanks for link cute lil Rach
    LMAO all the La Rude fans are up in arms.It gives them something to talk about,since no-one is interested in La Rude’s work

  93. right,who the hell stole T on tht 1xtra thing???????????

  94. Ok T is sick really,Max is just teasing about it on her show,she says she told T she’s always sick n needs to start taking vitamins/iron tablets
    Get Well Soon T!!! [and stop showing up to nightclubs with justin when u’re supposed to be sick!!!]

  95. Haha hes a plonker! fazer makes me laff, im not wearin jus pants it ent cool haha. altho i think i single wiv lady gaga could be good!.x

  96. N-Dubz and Ultra are featured in this months D101 magazine. http://www.d101.tv

  97. ooh thanks Zoe!! It doesnt seem like 5 mins since the last D101 was out!!

  98. are u looking forward to u’re bday this weekend Zoe??? getting anything nice?

  99. LOVE D101 thoughh! Always N-Dubz stuff!
    Dunno yet, going out with my best mates tomorrow to celebrate and stuff and then doing some random stuff over half term so should be goood.
    Don’t forget N-Dubz on TMi and Hollyoaks Music Show tomorrow, gonna watch them before i go out tomorrow.

  100. I really like D101 as well,not just cos of the N Dubz stuff,i just like the overall magazine
    OOOH yeah TMi!! i’ve never watched tht before loool,and judging by what u said bout it Zoe,i won’t be watching it again after tomorrow lol
    I hope u enjoy u’re bday Zoe

  101. Thankss
    Haha, same, last time I just recorded it and skipped it to the Chipmunk bits, the two presenters on it are soooooooooo annoying!
    N-Dubz new album track list up on here: http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/11850654/Against-All-Odds/Product.html
    Even more excitedddd noww!
    Theres gonna be an interview with N-Dubz up on the Hollyoaks music show website tomorrow.
    Hope everyone has bought this weeks Heat magazine!

  102. wooo cant wait for the album! looks really good.
    Zoeee u lloking forward to ur birthday on sunday?
    what u gettin?.x

  103. N-Dubz in Live Lounge with Fearne on Radio 1 on Thursday 12th November!
    These amazing girls on here and my mates bought me an ipod and dont know what Im getting from my parentss.

  104. Awww thats so sweet! i’d hav got u sumthin if i’d known u earlier lol.
    aww well i hope u hav a wicked birthday babee.x

  105. N-Dubz photos from the Mr Hudson shoot! I think Tulisa definitely looks better in the Mr Hudson vid than the I Need You vid

  106. I think she looks nicer in those pics as well,not that she didnt look nice in I Need You,but i think her look was so diff for everyone,that it was a shock,and now everyone is used to it.
    Yeah,got Heat.
    will have to check live lounge [tho how Fearne got tht job i’ll never know],wonder if its gonna get played on Max’s show as well,cos Max has been having live perf on her show lately too.

  107. TMi was wierdddd! I felt well sorry for N-Dubz on it! When Fazer first came in loved his facial expressionss! Good to see T looking better thoughh!
    Hopefully the Hollyoaks Music Show will be better!
    IMAOOO, love Dappy!

  108. ahh missed TMI what channel was it on?.x

  109. BBC 2, you can watch it on player x

  110. thanks.x

  111. OMG tht TMi!! I couldnt be watching those 2 for very long,how annoying and they kept us waiting til near the end for N Dubz!!
    Oh,and should those guys be wearing those silly silver pants on a kids show????? they didnt exactly leave much to the imagination,and my sis was cracking up when they obv made one of them put on shorts over the pants half way thru the segment
    Bet N Dubz couldnt wait to get off that show LOL,and they looked bored on Hollyoaks show LOL
    Great to see T tho and she sounded fab

  112. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!!!!!!!

    LMAO Rach,those 2 twats in the pants hahaha what fools.He did put shorts on cos he was getting a lil bit overexcited.

  113. Thanks!
    N-Dubz on Freshly Squeezed on channel 4 at 7am on Tuesday 3rd November and they’re on Chartjackers on the 31st October (next Saturday) on BBC 2 at 1:15pm
    Lots of N-Dubz so yay!

  114. Happy Birthday Zoe!!
    get anything nice???????

    cool,lots more N Dubz!! wonder if they’ll be on Max’s show soon?

    hope u hav a wicked day.xx

  116. OMG I Got Soul is only #10
    not happy bout that.

  117. PUT SWITCH ON!!! T is gonna be on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. wat channel??.x

  119. Got tweets off N-Dubz today, was well happy! Best prezzie everr!
    Just been chilling today so was cool. Half term now! 😀 Rach you doing much over half term? I gotta load of coursework and revision to do, ughh.
    Cant wait to hear Tulisa on BBC Switch!
    Hassina on twitter I like always tweet the latest N-Dubz news and links so keep watching my twitter for stuff!
    I Got Soul shouldaa been wayy higher, Cheryl Cole at number 1, WTFF! WHYYY???

  120. haha i told u zoee drop a hint 😉 ha!.
    i noo i’m waitin for her lol.
    i’ll keep watchin lol.x

  121. Omgg, my mate saw Fazer driving his car in London today and T and Dappy were in it too!
    I think I know why I got the tweet off them but cant say why but I did say to them its my 16th birthday today so can I have a tweet pleaseee!

  122. Oh wow,what did they say to u Zoe??
    Did u have a good day then Zoe? LOL don’t tease us with the ‘can’t say why’ Zoe!!!!! what happened??????????? spill the details

    Going to France tomorrow,just til weekend,a client at my dads work is letting us stay in his apartment there.

  123. They were like Happy 16th and thanks for the support and asked me what I got.
    I know people, thats all im allowed to say! You make contacts on social networking places!
    Ooohh, have fun! Is it like down in South of France? you’d be well lucky if you gotta tan!

  124. yeah Zoe,its St Tropez,can’t wait!!

  125. Do any of u know if Tonya is alright? she’s been really quiet for a few days.Hope she’s ok
    Tonya this is for u [its new and its totally u’re era n favs.I know u’re gonna love it]

  126. LMAO Zoe,u’ve been chatting up Breakbeat or Zee haven’t u!!!!!!!??
    Glad the tweeted u tho Zoe!!
    Have a wicked trip Rach!! very swanky indeed

    Wow,are H Town back???? and with Jodeci,that’s amazing.Tonya’s area of expertese for sure.Jaheim is one of my fav singers anyway.
    Yeah Rach,i was wondering bout Tonya too.I got those cds from her the other day,that she asked us if we wanted,and i sent her an email,but havent heard back.I hope she’s ok,its not like her.

    Wow, lucky youu Rach!
    Haha, no! I know Breakbeat and am in regular contact with him cause I’m part of his street team, he’s such a sweet guy! But no, its not him. Its someone who knows someone who’s a massive part of N-Dubz team.

  128. niiiice!! can’t wait for album to come out,its near but still seems ages away [just cos we’re waiting n waiting]

  129. haha i was just gonna post tht as well lol

  130. It looks well good! i still havent ordered myn yet :/.x

  131. haha Hassina,u’ll get kicked out the N Dubz fanclub if u keep tht up!!!!!! LOL

    Are they in Q Magazine????????????? somebody was talking to me about some interview in Q called N DUBZ WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?
    And i couldnt rem if thts what they called the interview the last time they were in there,or not.Maybe its a new one? will have to check tomorrow n see

  132. Haha ive lost my card but the bank are taking agess n i hav to wait till my new one comes, not good!
    ooo i’m not, if i find out ill let u know.xx

  133. http://www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms/2009/1xtra/video5.shtml

    LOL thts ok then Hassina.The fan club will let u stay lool
    I know!! the banks take forever!!

  134. yayy lol.

    look like we can be expecting an interview from them!.x

  135. Oh yeah, N-Dubz did that interview last week with Hattie Collins, she said she might upload some clips from it today.

  136. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2704244/Dippy-Dappys-embarrassing-gaffe-on-television-show.html

    ooh excellent.lots of stuff happening.will have to check tht Q today as well
    T’s not too bad at drawing

  137. N Dubz DEFFO in Q!!!!!

  138. ooo looks like dappy’s gna b on NMTB againn!

    ooo am gna hav to check Q out.x

  139. Omgg, yeah, i got that today! Went into the shop in my trackie and the girl looked at me wierdly when I bought Q magazine,never normally buy it cause its full of the rubbish music. I told the girl N-Dubz and she was like ahhh!
    N-Dubz are in Mizz magazine which is on sale on the 26th November
    Theres more pics of them if you click on mizzmag

    Where you been?
    Butt omggg, anyone heard Lil Wayne’s new mixtape New Ceilings? Its amazinggg!!!

  141. Tonya!! u had us all worried lol.
    hope ur okayy tho!.x

  142. LOL,thts sweet u were worried.Did u think i’d turned hater or what????
    I had to go to New York for some family biz.Thank u for being worried tho,thts sweet
    I’ll have to catch up with what’s going on n what’s been happening

    LOL Lil Wayne!! he does my nut in Zoe!!!

  143. Haha ofcoursee not.
    wow New York!
    glad ur back now tho :).x

  144. lol Hassina,thnku
    New York New York,should’ve stayed another day n could’ve seen Jay Z and Alicia singing at the World Series at Yankee Stadium.

  145. aww man, that wud have been wicked.x

  146. I Know!! i couldve stalked Derek Jeter too!!! lol

  147. Aww, glad ya backkk!
    Haha, thats what ma mum says, she cant stand him! I love himm! I love D.O.A and Run This Town on his new mixtape, I love rap and hip hop music and hes one of the biggest players in the game right now. Lovee that guyy even though he looks like a twatt!
    Omgg, that would’ve been amazingggg!

  148. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2706249/N-boys-brag-of-their-rub-a-dub-Dubz.html

    Thank God u’re alright Tonya,seriously i was worried.We’re happy u’re back safe n sound,and hope u enjoyed NY!!!!
    Lil Wayne,LMAO it was HILARIOUS when he got bottled off at a gig.What the hell are all these women thinking that are getting pregnant by him?

  149. Bless ya Nikki,and i’m gonna reply to u’re emails in a sec Nikki lol,i’m just catching up on everything

    Tht Q interview,is it just me or is it quite sarcastic and tends to make them sound a bit idiotic?????

    LOL I LOVE rap/hiphop Zoe.I just dont buy into the whole Wayne phenomenon.For me personally he will never be Rakim,Chuck D,Krs One,Tupac,Big,Common,Talib Kweli,Nas,Badazz,Michael Frente,Speech or even Big Daddy Kane.For me [and i’m only speaking for myself] Wayne has no substance,his tracks are just money n sex,he has nothing else to say but that.I just like rappers with more to say,this generation of rap just doesnt cut it with past rap.

    Girls,if there’s anything special u want for Xmas can u please email me n let me know.

  150. GMTV next week [wed i think]

  151. I used to work in there!!! lol

    LMAO Tonya u’re emails crack me up

    GMTV hahaha we just said the other week they’ll end up back on there!! What was tht other show we have to watch them on tomorrow?????????????????

  152. reckon they might make an appearance on this VIVA LIVE show soon as well!!!!


  154. OMG- BEST N-DUBZ THING EVER!!! I couldnt stop laughing, Tulisa was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! LOVE THAT GIRL!!!
    The previews of the album sounded AMAZING too!

  155. WERE THEY???????????????? OMG i’ll have to listen back,what were they saying?????

  156. Yeah, was the best 3 hours of radio I’ve ever heard!
    You remember when we asked T on Max’s show if there was gonna be a solo track from her on the new album, where there is! 😀 It’s called Comfortable. T’s performing it at the thing she’s doing on Sunday. LOVE YA EVEN MORE NOW T!!!
    The Wiley track was sounding AMAZING!!!
    Got to hear all of Ny’s new song Sea Sick too which was sickkkk!!! Love Ny!
    So funny cause T and Ny were taking over and Fazer was feeling kinda left out!
    T was giving her management evils cause they’ve hardly given her anytime off and she wanted to go to Thorpe Park this halloween with Justin but she’s too busy.
    Dappy wasn’t there cause his son Gino was ill.

  157. Ohh yeah, the 30 second track previews of the album are gonna be up on itunes sometime in the next week!

  158. You guys are gonna love it sooooooooooo muchhh, still cant get over how AMAZING it was!
    Does anyone know how to download it cause theres no download link on the iplayer site.

  159. LOL,i missed it cos i was out,i’ll have to listen back!!
    Thanks Zoe.it sounds good

  160. Haha it was sooooooo funny!!
    T made me laugh so much with her little chipmunk impression it was soo good lol!!
    missed lyk the last hour of the show, so will hav to cathc up
    But it was wicked
    i think they should consider making it a regular thing lol!

  161. LOL what laughing gas is T on!!! very funny.
    I think u’re right Hassina,they should make it a regular thing.We’ve shouted many times for T to co-host Max’s show sometime.

  162. haha, they’re jus so funny n there jus be themselves wich is even better!
    plus i reckon it will get more people to tune in what with all their fans n that.x

  163. OMFG TULISA,please don’t ever do that with u’re joints on tv ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!! did u see it on tht 5:19 thing??????
    Now if my net would kindly speed up so i can listen to tht 1xtra show,i would be very happy lool

    They really should do more radio shows y’know,cos i think it gives those who maybe arn’t fans the chance to hear their real personalities,and now just the printed image of them.

  164. tht 1xtra show is well funny loool T was mega hyper!!! might have to listen to it again
    Gonna try n get tickets to see her [tho i do not want to see willfucka],cos i think there’s some still available at the box office!!!

  165. It was funny and T really should fill in more.I’d like to hear her do a show over xmas [SOBER of course lol]
    I tell u something else,i’m really starting to like NY alot [not that i didnt like her before uunderstand lol],she is just coming across as a really genuinly sweet girl whenever i hear her on radio,and her new track is by far n away her best [for me anyway],i really like that one.

    [i’m a bit fussy hassina,i dont usually cave in to hype around artists lol]

  166. Hassina saw your tweet about twitter being quiet without me on there, Im back now! Had loads of wireless connection problems so my internet was down for ages, my dad managed to fix it.
    T looks stunninnn tonightt! I WANT HER SHOES!!!
    Hope Nikki managed to get tickets to the gig tonight!
    Good Luck to N-Dubz at the UMA’s tonight!

  167. Did you go to Pinktober Nikki?

  168. Getty have quite a few pics of T at the gig

  169. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2710267/Tulisa-makes-solo-debut-at-Rocktober.html

    T WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! She looked stunning,she sounded just amazing.I’m a big Keisha White fan anyway,but T’s version was quite possibly better.It was beautiful.
    Everyone was good tbh [tho Stone still rubs me up the wrong way] I’m sure it was Justin watching from the side as well.I didnt get a good look at him,but he looked like Justin
    Seriously T has got to do a solo album,no joke

  170. Omgg, wowww, you’re well luckkyy that you gotta go!
    I hope theres vid up of her performance on youtube. Did she perform her solo track Comfortable?
    Ive seen loads of people saying they were pleasantly surprised at how amazing she was!

  171. WOW Nikki ur so lucky you got to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seen some pics and T looked STUNNING as always!!
    Had a good then lol?.x

  172. yeah,she was incredible.Let me tell u,we go on about how good her voice is on the Chippee track,or on tht vid where’s she’s singing Rihanna,but boy oh boy she blew me away last night.
    I don’t know if it was the Keisha White track esp,cos its a lovely song,or it was just the fact she looked like she was really feeling the song,but her voice was quite incredible.

    There was 2 girls next to me,and when T came on they were like,y’now..not pleasant,and i was saying to myself bite u’re tongue Nik,but by the time T finished her set they were like WOW!!
    So she shut the haters up with her voice.

    The whole thing tho,u could see there was no ego amongst the artists as well.It didnt seem like a competition to see who could outdo each other.

  173. http://www.shalitglobal.com/press/N-Dubz/
    press page updated

    don’t forget GMTV tomorrow..supposidly anyway


  175. LOOOL,still cant get over how hyper T was on tht show lol!!
    oooh must have a listen to previews NOW lol

  176. BUY BLISS NOW!!! GOT AMAZING INTERVIEW WITH TULISA IN!!! It like really goes into depth with stuff and growing up, her personal life with Adam and Justin and with her mates. T looks stunningg in the pics too!

  177. http://jemappellehannah.blogspot.com/2009/11/n-dubz-came-to-our-school-today-they.html
    she’s a nice girl huh???

    ooh will have to get tht Zoe!! thanks,haha be another excuse for the newsagent to look at me funny for buying a teen mag lool

  178. Ughh, another hater. Let them hate, it just makes N-Dubz stronger. The more haters you have the most famous you must be! I’d love N-Dubz to come to my school though, would be AMAAZINGG!!!
    Hahah but this interview is actuall the best interview with T EVERRR!!!!

  179. lol i’m sure most teens would love them to be at their school!!!!
    u’re making the interview sound interesting Zoe,and i think T has learned alot from the secrecy tht surrounded her n Adam,and i do respect the fact she tried to keep tht relationship private,but sometimes tht backfires too,and i think she’s being a lil bit more forthcoming now and in doing so the press are not being too intrusive about her n Justin.

  180. Hassina, hope you have an AMAZING time at BBC Switch live! Btw guys if you were wondering I gave my tickets to Hassina in the end cause she could go and I couldnt!
    Won another comp which was within this company I work for (think I was the only one that entered though!) to go and see Princess Nyah record some tracks in ther studio tomorrow and meet her but I can’t go cause it’s up in London, so annoying but at least get goody bag.
    I so wished I lived in London!
    I agree and she does open up about Adam and Justin in the interview.

  181. Hassina will have a wicked time,and we expect to hear her screaming!!

    LOL Zoe,we need to rename u the Competition Wizard,cos u just magic the win out of fresh air lol

  182. Haha except I was the only one who entered this competition!
    Whats everyones fave track off the new N-Dubz album from the album previews? Im loving T’s solo track and Shoulda Put Something On!
    Loved N-Dubz on GMTV this morning!

  183. They were great on GMTV this morning.It wont let me post the link to it here tho,i’ve just tried twice.It is on their website if anyone missed it.
    I’ve yet to listen to the previews,will do it in a sec n let u know.
    Tht issue of Bliss isnt in here yet,it was still the old one on the shelf,will prob be in tomorrow.

    Hassina,i hope u have a great time,and Zoe that was very sweet of u to give her the tickets.U’re a good gal!!!

    Listen girls,i’m gonna send u’re xmas pressie to u.Yes,i know its early n all that,but the way the post is i’d rather it was early than late
    Hassina sweetheart,i dont know u’re address so u can either mail me it,or i can send something to u via Zoe???????

  184. Omgg, thanksss. Tonya if you want send Hassina’s prezzie to me and ill send it to her. I have her address.
    Hassina is amazing girl, you kept me going through today with your texts Hassina! Rach, if you ever have a strategies for success day then SKIVE OFF IT!!! It was a total waste of my time, i mean learnt some stuff but was still kinda dull!

  185. Zoe thank you so much!! i cant thank u enough! ur so loverly and i love you lots!!
    Thank u Nikki and Tonya 🙂
    and Tonya dont be silly you don’t have to get me anything i’m not taking anything off you! ( i dint mean tht in a nastry way lol)
    aww ur soo loverly but honestly babe its finee :).xxx

  186. Haha zoe trust me i know how u felt! ive had to go through pleanty of them lol. It’s okayy ur texts cheered me up n kept making me laff lol :).xx

  187. LOL Hassina,i try not to leave any of the girls out.I will send u something with Zoe’s and she will send it to u.Thanks Zoe,i’ll cover the postage for u Zoe.
    ZOE!!!!! U said u were giving up the skivving!!!! i’m ashamed Zoe…ashamed LOL

  188. Aww i know but honestly u shudnt hav!.xx

  189. lol don’t argue with mummy Hassina LOL
    U’re welcome sweetheart honestly.I don’t do it for everyone y’know!!
    Anyway,i’m trying to be one of those amazing girls Zoe says u are LOL…actually i’ll settle for just being a girl again.

  190. Haha lol i wouldnt dare! 🙂
    awww, u r amazing!! ur the mummy n what would we do without u hey? :).xx

  191. LOL Hassina!!

  192. That is a really good interview in Bliss.I’ve said it before n i’ll say it again,when T is interviewed without the boys u get a very different side to her,a much mellower and less defensive side,and its no disrespect to the boys at all.I just think a few more T solo interviews would help break the hater chain of thought a little

    ALSO,I want to commend T,for not using Adam as a punch bag in that interview.Its easy when u have been thru a break up to say things,to point fingers etc.
    It was very very mature and respectful of T to not go that route,and very wise of her to realise although the relationship ended and things turned sour at the end,she still realises she had been with him a very long time and tht the relationship wasnt all bad.
    If only more celebs would realise the same thing,instead of pointing fingers and using their ex’s as media punchbags
    I may be alot older than Tulisa,but the fact she hasnt done that gives her ALL my respect and admiration,and at the same time i’m going to offer the same respect to Adam,cos in this day n age of making a quick buck,the guy has NOT sold Tulisa out.He has kept his own dignified silence as well,and its worth remembering that and giving credit for it.

  193. I totally agree Tonya,100%
    T looks so pretty in the pics and haha she was on the verge of being a soppy mare in tht interview lol
    Its a very good interview thowe have to give props to Bliss for doing a good job

  194. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/s/1181185_hiphop_sensation_ndubz_call_in_at_school

    also girls get the DAILY MIRROR,cos they are in the centre pages.I cant as yet find the link online!!

  195. America is gonna love N-Dubz! The people who I’ve told who live over there about N-Dubz LOVE them!
    N-Dubz got their tour rehearsal today and then BBC Switch live tomorrow.
    Hassina, I’m so glad you got the tickets on time, have an amazing day tomorrow and you better text me with whats going on and how amazing N-Dubz were!
    Listen to radio 1 tomorrow though cause they’ve got updates all throughout the day from BBC Switch
    Next Sunday BBC Switch Live is gonna be shown on TV and N-Dubz are on the xtra factor.

  196. Thank you zoeeee 😀 ! ofcourse i will!
    oooo xtra factor i was hopin they wud b back on there, aaltho i think they should preform on the actuall xfactor!.x

  197. N-Dubz aren’t manufactured from either the X-Factor or by one of the judges so of course they won’t actually be performing on the X-Factor!
    Anyone been on the N-Dubz forum: http://forum.ndubz.com/

  198. we expect to hear u’re screaming Hassina!!! have a wicked time

    On Xtra Factor?? really,will have to watch.The ppl on xfactor this year are all awful!!!!

    yeah,they should do well Stateside.I was having a chat with Tonya bout this,with her hubby n nephew being American,and having the connections,and she says her Jayden has passed their music round to the industry ppl he knows,and that they are played quite frequently on Campus radio out there,so alot of ppl do know them

  199. oh u will Nikki! ive promised to keep zoe updated 😉
    i can’t wait 😀 ! altho i do hav 2 get up quite early lol.xx

  200. Wooo and i’ll keep you guys updated on here!
    Bet its quite a long journey from where ya live Hassina, saw where you’re from and was like woahh, you’re gonna have a long journey, it’ll be soooooooo worth it thoughh!
    Wow, thats well goood! Gooo Tonyaa!
    Hoping to go to California next summer to see my family that live out there again so if I do get to go then Ill make sure I NDubplicate California, well part of it anywayy!

  201. It’s 1hr 30 mins on the train n roughly 2hrs in the car so yeahh lol. i jus hope that we r quite near the front cz i probz wont b able 2 c anything if im at the back lol!.xx

  202. I’m hanging on to download til tomorrow morning,just to make sure the sales count,cos sometimes when u download before the ‘official release date’ they are not counting in official sales.
    wonder how Hassina is getting on at BBC Switch!!!!

  203. Hassina had an AMAZING time at BBC Switch Live today! Shes gonna upload pics onto twitter later!

  204. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2719950/N-Dubz-Fazer-gets-driving-ban.html

    I could hear Hassina screaming lol!!! Glad u had a wicked time Hassina

  205. Bollocks!!! did i miss T on Xtra Factor??????????????

  206. Hiya grils. OMG had the most AMAZING time ever at BBC Switch!!!!
    Ndubz were amazing! they completely SMASHED IT !! they were the last 2 preform but they were amazing! it was an endin worth waitin for! they put so much energy n time into their preformance unlike sum of the badns there (the saturdays) but definatly the bast act who preformed! T looked gawjuss as ever in her lil pink dress, n fazer! wooo he looked very sexy indeed lol.
    also there was so many other people there hu werent listed lyk tinchy n he prefomed number 1 wiv ndubz, peter andre, tom fellton, chipmunk was menna b there bt cudnt make it, bt they jus presented awards n dint preform.

    thank you sooo much again zoe for the tickets!!!!!!!!!!!! ima send ur gift this week.xxx

  207. I meant *girls not grils lol.xx

  208. sounds like u had an amazing time!!!
    I agree with u about more of them need to put more effort in.

    I’ve posted tht pressie today,so Hassina,Zoe will hopefully pass u’rs on!!

  209. hey Zoe n Hassina,whats going on,on twitter?? cos its all over the Sun today that Chippee is threatning suicide on twitter!! WTF???????

  210. Omg, no, the sun have got totally the wrong end on the story. Chipmunk was just joking cause he was sooooooooooo bored on this really long bus ride.

  211. OMG so really isnt true!!
    Chippy wud never do or say that n if he did im sure he wudnt do it on twitter lol!
    Yeahhh they jus got the wrong end of the story lol.x

  212. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2723849/N-Dubz-singer-to-have-surgery-on-her-nose.html

    OMG what is going on!!! I hope T is gonna be ok.

    LOL yeah Zoe/Hassina i was thinking same,u dont spread it on twitter if u’re genuine about suicide.I was just wondering why/what was said that started the story,which is why i asked u girls what was going on!!!
    Just shows u tho,how something can be twisted and thrown into the media

  213. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/thesound/a186105/how-happy-is-leona-feeling-this-morning.html

    Midweeks’s!!! we’re only looking at a top 5!! [which is great of course,but not #1 as we’d hoped]

  214. Omg, yeah, same! I’ve asked someone I know that knows N-Dubz whether the story is true or not though cause the source in The Sun and we all know what that means!
    T wasnt at the gig in Preston last night though cause she was ill.
    Hopefully they’ll at least get into the top 3. They’re still quite new to the commercial audience.

  215. Ok, I’ve spoken to someone and Tulisa is absolutely fine so theres no need to worry.

  216. LOL yeah The Sun is very reliable loool.I’m glad T is ok then,tht girl has having a run of bad luck with illness!!!!

  217. My mate went to the gig in Preston and Dappy and Fazer said Tulisa has already had the operation so she was probably recovering last night.

  218. maybe the nodules were affecting her throat.It happens alot to singers
    Get well soon T!!!

  219. Oh god, well aslong as T is okay!!.x

  220. http://blogs.ft.com/westminster/2009/11/ed-balls-joins-n-dubz-to-fight-bullying/

    They are sounding GREAT on the Live Lounge.T hasnt had her op yet but says she has to have it,also they are all showing their concern for Chippee,so there really is something going on with that story.

  221. they’re on Channel 5 in a few mins supposidly

    T was OUTSTANDING on tht cover!! wow.No disrespect to the boys,but i almost wish they hadnt joined in,cos T’s voice was just truly lovely,and it was nice to hear her just saaaaang!!! She was as great as tht at Pinktober.

  222. Omgg, yeahh, their cover was AMAZING!!!
    N-Dubz were really good on channel 5 last night tooo!
    They’re on express fm in an hour
    This weeks podcast N-Dubz are on: http://www.urbanworld.co.uk/podcasts

  223. they were so good on Channel 5!! LOL Dappy looked star struck being next to Wrighty!!!
    ooh thanks for the link Zoe

  224. Tht podcast is soooo good,and great to hear T is getting so many front covers.So far i’ve only seen tht one tho!! LOL it’ll be another excuse for newsagent to look at me weird for buying teenage magazines.

  225. luv n-dubz sooooooooooooooooooo much dappy is very sexy and this song is my fave also with shoulda put something on cant wait till that comes out i already have these songs on me phone n-dubz forever na na nii

  226. love Playing With Fire
    Mr Hudson’s a fitty xD

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