30 Responses to “N DUBZ N DUBZ!”

  1. hearing the single all over the place now,loving it!!!! Can’t wait for it to come out

  2. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/singlesreviews/a182185/young-soul-rebels-i-got-soul.html

    oooh nice one Rach!! will have to catch T4 and tht Hollyoaks music thing as well.Nice,lots of Tness coming around.LOVE IT

  3. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2687286/N-Dubz-singer-Tulisa-burns-candle-at-both-ends.html

    LMAO The Sun are sooo 50 faced!! one min they’re slagging them off and next they love T!!!!

  4. LOL,i know!! I’ve noticed how The Sun contradicts themselves over T alot lately.I think they have it in more for the boys than T tho
    Don’t forget Channel 4 today!!!!!!

  5. I think N Dubz are on Switch Radio 1 tomorrow at 7pm.
    One of the tv mags has them listed as being on there

  6. N-Dubz are on TMI next weekend too!
    The people who are meant to be going to the Preston gig wont be happy then cause it was rescheduled from Sunday cause N-Dubz needed to finish recording their new album.
    I wanna live in Castleford!

  7. ooh lots of Tness happening,we love it!!
    Were they on tht Hollyoaks thing?? cos i was watching n didnt see them,and i was thinking i had missed some of it!!!
    Loved T being all over that I Got Soul perf this morning.

    LOL Zoe,they need to finish it cos we’re all waiting patiently for it!!!!

  8. Nope, they’re on it next Saturday. Wasnt Chipmunk on it today though?
    Was a month yesterday till their new album comes out!

  9. yeah Chippee was on and he was good!! Thank God i didnt miss them then lool,was gutted thinking i’d missed some Tness!!!!
    Can’t wait for the album.I hope too many tracks don’t get leaked cos i kinda wanna hear it fresh n new when it comes out

  10. this guy is sooo good

  11. I feel propaa sorry for N-Dubz going on TMi though, Chipmunk went on it and by the sound of his tweets he didnt like it that much, he thought it was wierd, which it was! When he was on it was like the first time I watched CBBC for agesss!
    Same, I wanna see the vid for N-Dubz and Mr Hudson’s track Playing With Fire though!
    Pic of N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Tinchy and Taio Cruz:
    Omgg, yeah, that guy is well good!

  12. T looks stunning in the phots with Mr Hudson! cant wait untill the track comes out, number one i think!.x

  13. what in the hell is TMi Zoe???????? sorry for my ignorance lol,i’m getting old y’know lol
    Must download I Got Soul asap!!!!
    Everyone is looking nice on the video shoot!! looks like it should be a good one.

    Passion has been around a lil while Rach.Check out some of his other videos,he’s really good.

  14. Yeah, I’d only heard about it roughly, havent watched it, only watched it when Chipmunk was on but I sky+’d it so i could skip forward all the non Chipmunk parts. Its rubbish! Its like one of those Saturday morning shows for kids to watch (I would add something else but dont wanna be harsh!)
    Good luck to N-Dubz when they appear on it though, they’ll need it!

  15. oh God,we have to watch CBBC to see them????? Oh my dayz,i’ll never be able to show my face outside again if this gets out LOL.
    I’ve never even heard of that show before Zoe.Is it on on weekends or thru the week?

    Tht Passion guy is excellent

  16. Dont think N-Dubz are on BBC Switch tonight unless they are via phone cause they’re up in Manchester at 3pm today for the Orange hologram gig and BBC Switch starts at 7pm so it’d be like impossible for them to get from Manchester to London in like 3 hours.
    Haha, yeah, we wont tell anyone Nikki! As soon as N-Dubz have been on turn over to the Hollyoaks music show cause that wouldnt be so bad if you watched that. I think its just on Saturday mornings, luckily! Its got them Sam and Mark Pop Idol rejects presenting it.

  17. It just said in one of the tv mags yest [which has radio listings] tht N Dubz were gonna be on Switch tonight as is Chippee supposidly,but the papers are sometimes wrong
    BUT last week on Switch Annie n Nick said they were going to the video shoot this week,so maybe they did and recorded an interview there

    LOL,its ok Nikki,we all have to pretend we’re not gonna watch CBBC,so u’re secret is safe with us
    Wonder if they’re gonna be on gmtv soon as well,they are quite a bit now [cos tht Emma girl is managed by Shalit Global as well]

  18. Ooohhh, cool, Ill listen thenn!
    Chipmunk on the xtra factor tonight, Tinchy was on last night but didnt watch it.
    Oooh, hope they dooo! Would make GMTV worth watching for once, normallly just watch Flava before i go to school.

  19. Omg, apparently T isnt at the Hologram gig today but Dappy and Fazer are. Wonder where she is.

  20. OMG wonder what’s up with her!!!!!!! LOL well she hasnt been to Greece again lately,cos we know that always makes her sick lol
    Hope she’s ok.

    They did say tht on Switch last week,that they were going to the video shoot.Guess we’ll just have to tune in n find out.

  21. on bbc teletext radio listings [641] they are listed as being on Switch

  22. they’re not on Switch!!!!
    Its deffo listed on teletext tht they’re on,same guest list tht was in tv mag!!!!
    maybe the mag/teletext has jumped the gun and tht might be next week’s guest list?????????????

  23. Hopefullyy! If they are then it’ll make it the best end ever to my 16th bday!

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