So I just got back from Mobo launch, gotta say I really enjoyed it everyone was in a good mood and ready to party. Some of the nominees are alittle odd but then It’s the Mobo’s I guess…
I was working for 1xtra so didn’t get to party too much, shouts to all the girls at Outside for doing a brill job especially my mate Melissa(love ya)
N Dubz, Dizzee, Tinchy, Chipmunk, Mr Hudson, Ironik, & DJ Semtex are all up for awards which I’m really happy about, check all the nominees here and vote
N Dubz are family I love them especially T!
Always good to see Bashy and Estelles talented sister H -Boogie, she was super nice!
Bratt & Bluey Robinson are in love lol they gave me so much jokes tonight. (Zeus revenge is coming)
It was a night to see loads of my mates really proud of Jade, she looked beautiful and deserves alot of success!
JLS were mad cool and totally excited to be nominated, my mate Ryan didn’t manage to get JB in shot oops
Random I know but come on it’s Peter Andre, he is a nice guy
Soundboy & Young Nate reppin UK!
Chippea always makes me smile!
David Haye is a bad-boy boxer and a total flirt, top man though, the guy in the red hat kept stalking Kanya King it was jokes


12 Responses to “MOBO AWARDS 2009 LAUNCH”

  1. Soooooooooo happy N-Dubz got nominated for 3 awards and 4 nominations! They totally deserve it and I’ve voted for them. Really hope they win!
    Max, loved it that you were trying to get T to be co-host, she would make the most amazing co-host ever! You and T looked sooooooooo stunning last night.
    So good to see that T’s better again! 😀
    I’m really pleased with the nominations this year, the MOBOs recognize the UK urban acts that aren’t normally recognized at the Brits, nice for acts like N-Dubz to get the recognition they deserve. Really happy that Chipmunk has got 4 nominations too, what a year it’s been for him!

  2. Max you better be giving us all the goss today on your show! We wanna know EVERYTHING!!!

  3. How GORGEOUS are T n Max!!!
    T WE LUV YA,glad u’re better,glad u were there and my God we’re happy for all u’re nominations
    Yes Max..ALL the goss on u’re show today or else!!!! [rem WE know about u needing the oxegyn after Idris was on u’re show loooool]

    Seeing T well n the noms is making me VERY it wrong to feel this happy,this early in the morning??

  4. The categories that N-Dubz are nominated in were being read out by Max on mistajam’s show last night and everytime N-Dubz were mentioned I was screaminggg! My mum rushed downstairs and was like omgz, are you ok, she saw what I was listening to and was like ahhh, i know why!
    Nahh, its not wrong, especially its to do with T and N-Dubz!
    How amazing would that be though if T was co-host at the MOBOs, would sooooooooo be the best MOBO’s everrr!
    Someone asked Fazer on twitter last night whether T was better and he was like yeah, she’s feeling so much better!
    T IS BACKKK! 😀

  5. And dont we just LUV that she’s back looool
    They usually have an American to co-host,bet its gonna be Kelly Rowland!!!

  6. Max and Tulisa looks stunning,even if T looks a lil subdued.
    Mz Bratt looks very pretty on there too.Lovely all round

  7. Ooohhh, yeah, my text got read out on 1xtra!

  8. Afternoon! im lovin the pics!
    but wot i love more is david’s t-shirt! that is bad boy!!!
    enjoyin the show..going notting hill on sunday!!!!! whooo hoooo !!!

  9. JONATHAN AND RICH..Let T be on Max’s show on Monday or else we’re coming after u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We need to start the campaign right now

  10. They make her work too hard!
    Yep, get T ON MAX’S SHOWWW! 😀

  11. lol
    WE WANT T!!!!!!

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