N Dubz, Tinchy, Pixie Lott VV Brown Ironik and Chipmunk join the cream of the crop to raise awareness with this track ‘Warchild ‘I Got Soul’


5 Responses to “UK STAND UP FOR CHARITY!”

  1. Omg, Im sooooooooooo exciteddd righttt now! It comes out on the 19th Oct so the day it’ll be announced if it’s number 1 or not is on my bday (25th Oct) so would be the best bday prezzie ever if N-Dubz got to number 1 again!
    Absolutely love this song! Got like all the UK’s best acts in it! N-Dubz, Tinchy, Chipmunk, Ironik! I think it’s gonna be a real smash! Cant wait to hear the full version but it’s sounding soooooooo goood!
    What you think girls?

  2. I really like the sound of this from the clip,and lets face it charity tracks usually arn’t up to much,but this sounds very good.

  3. sounds so good.Was it The Killers or someone who did the original?
    Can’t wait to hear the full version,and any Tness is goodness!!!!

  4. Loving the preview!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LOL that!!! Tness is goodness hahahaha

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