8 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TULA!”

  1. Looking beautiful ladies!!!!! lovely,lovely

  2. aaah u both look soooo pretty
    Max,did T have a good birthday?

  3. absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    Max n T make a lethal combo there!!!! beautiful

  4. Zee’s cuz still insisting she n Fiance on the outs!!!!

  5. No!!! They’re not.Tell him to shut his yapper!!!! or come n see me n i’ll shut his yapper.

  6. Cousin has a very big mouth.Next time he starts spreading crap tell him he has a big mouth,its a pity we can’t say the same about other certain parts of him!!!!
    Then tell him he could still grow tho!!!

  7. LMFAO HAHAHAHAHA,if he mails my sis anymore,i’m soooo saying tht back to him hahaha,what a put down!!!!

  8. LOOOOOOOOL u guys are sooo funny

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