Happy Birthday to my mate Tulisa who celebrated in a big way in London last night with family, friends and boy-friend Adam.
Hot UK artist Mr Hudson also dropped by to wish T the best, she went to see Mr H the other night at the ITunes festival and Ben returned the favor last night and partyed with Tulisa and mates. Chipmunk, Bashy, Fazer, N Dubz fam, Ny, Sincere Maze Wrectch 32, Sugababes and Su Elise were all in the house!
Don’t forget Supernova feat Kanye is out July 20th

Big up’s to Auntie Maz she is so sweet and I always have a good gossip with her
Dynamo tried to play tricks on T!
tulisa 031
Ben and me look like we’ve seen a ghost!



  1. YAY PICS!!! lol

  2. LMAO,MAX U STIRRER!!!!! LOL,I see trouble brewing with a headline like that lol
    T looks beautiful.Hope u had a good time Max,and T looks happy.

  3. T looks beautiful as does our lovely Max!!! Looks like a good time was had by all!!
    LMAO at the headline too hahhahha,Nikki i reckon we should get Max a wooden spoon for her next pressie!!!!

  4. LOL,Max is keeping quiet.I think she disgraced herself at the party LOL
    HAHA wooden spoon so she can stir even better!!!! too funny.
    Bless,I do hope T had the best party tho,and hope she has a great day tomorrow.
    Did u find a gift for her Max????

  5. tht N DUBZ 20 UK’S FINEST prog is repeated on Base tonight at 11pm

    wonder if tht gift Tonya sent for T’s bday got to Max on time!!!! should have since she posted it a week ago!!!!!
    wonder if T liked all her gifts she got.

  6. nice but where’s Tula’s man at?
    Does he actually exsist? and why does Dappy hate him?

  7. N DUBZ FINEST is also on MTV HITS RIGHT NOW girlies!!!!!!

    Erm Elle,Yes Adam does exsist,why would Tulisa need to make up her Fiance? she’s beautiful,she doesnt need to make up a guy,also if u read the post Max clearly states that T was partying with Adam!!!!

    If u read thru all the N Dubz posts Elle,u would see tht we who write on here are all huge supporters of both T and Max,and we have come to trust Max in what info she shares with us,and she assures us that the Dappy/Adam situation is all in jest!!! All of us here take Max at her word

    ok,so just INCASE anything is gonna start here i will just say this,we here completely and utterly support Tulisa and Max,we are big fans of Tulisa’s talent and personality,and we are also in complete and total support of her relationship with Adam.So there is no hate here if anyone is looking for such!!!!!
    All we write here is supportive,yes we may tease and laugh,but that is all it is,no bad or nastiness is intended!!! Both Max and Tulisa are fully aware of our teasing [and we presume Adam too],and they take the teasing as such!!!! They know we are completely dedicated in our support for all of them.
    So anyone looking to find Tulisa hate,Max or Adam dissing is gonna be disappointed.

    Sorry Elle if that wasnt u’re intention to come across as hating,but there’s alot of T hate around,and here isnt the place for it.

    In regards to Adam,as far as we know he is protective of the relationship,but i’m sure he will show his face when he feels good n ready,and he will have our full support here when he does.

  8. is T4 ON THE BEACH on tv next weekend???????

  9. Nah,not buying it!! still think he doesn’t exsist.
    Anyway,there’s loads of talk that they are finished.So thats probs why he’s never seen.Or she could be using this ‘engagement’ to cover up a secret relationship with someone famous.
    How come he’s not on her party pics,or on that documentary? other family were,so why not the person she is supposed to love? She never hardly speaks about him,if she’s so in love with him,and the guys in the group are always dissing him.Zee’s cousin even told me about Dappy loathing him.That’s for real,he really doesn’t like him.
    Loads of things just don’t make sense with this supposed Engagement,like she’s never with him for starters!!

    Not trying to start nothin’,just wondered how this relationship works,esp after all the stuff Zee’s cousin told me.Plus all the stuff thats said online about them.Just made me curious as to how they are still together,IF they are really together.

  10. OMG!!!! are u for real!!! read what Max wrote..T PARTIED WITH HER BOYFRIEND!!!!
    So i guess Max must be making him up too??????!!

    They haven’t broken up and are not breaking up anytime soon
    Tht cousin does alot of talking!!!!
    and T is not seeing anyone else,famous or not in secret!!!!!

    HEY GIRLS,T has changed her myspace layout,it looks sooo pretty.

  11. Oh,so its the Zee cousin guy where u’re getting all u’re info,well i know all about the stuff this guy says,cos he spins the same crap to my sister.Gotta say,i thought u were a hater,but if its from him u’ve been getting u’re stories then i understand why u believe the stuff,cos he’s very convincing.I know he has pics with Zee and the band n stuff,so yeah i can see why u believe it.

    Thing is this tho,we know Dappy said things about Adam on radio,we all heard it,and we talked about it on here,we asked Max about it and she told us its not real hate!!!
    We on here believe Max more than we believe some guy,its that simple.

    If that cousin really is the cousin and they are all spreading this stuff about Adam [and yes i have seen what they are saying,and its not nice],all i can say is,the ONLY person they are gonna end up hurting is T!!!
    They wont hurt Adam,cos he’s not dealing with them on a daily basis.If they are trying to break up the relationship with gossip,then they are hurting T…and thats someone they are supposed to care about,right???

    Let me tell u this Elle.T has been with Adam for YEARS,so all tht golddigger stuff the cousin is spreading [thts what he tells my sis] is bull.N Dubz are only now making money,T n adam have been together years.if she was just starting out in this relationship then ppl could question his motives,but NOT in a longterm one!!!!
    Seriously Elle,u wont find Adam hate on here,as long as he is making T happy and he doesnt do anything really bad to her,then we are all pulling for them to last.Its that simple.Even god forbid,they didnt work out,he still gets support from us,as long as he doesnt physically hurt her.
    Thats how it is on here Elle.We tease on here [T,Max and adam],but there’s no hate.

    LOL,we’ve tried to get him to come out n play with us Elle,but he hasn’t yet.He will show his face when he’s ready!!! I just don’t think he and T want ppl being in their relationship anymore than need be.T said in an interview that he is protective of them,so he gets respect from us for that…also the fact he is protective and he doesnt show his face,should blow apart the golddigger rubbish anyway.Afterall we can all spot the golddigger,they are the ones cashing in on their partners fame,being all up in every pic,yapping to every paper.When have u seen Adam do that??? NEVER,thts cos he’s trying to keep their relationship as sheltered as possible along with T.

    Honestly Elle.I know what tht cousin guy is saying,and i know he’s convincing but we believe Max.Just do what we do,and as long as u see T wearing her ring,u know they are fine together!!! simple.

  12. Rach,the new myspace pics look GORG on there!!! toooo beautiful,makes me sick LOL,LUV YA T really hahaha

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY T if u’re reading.We luv ya

  13. nicely said Nik!!!!!!
    This guy does alot of tale telling!!!!!
    what Nikki said is what we all think.We support them on here.

    Her myspace looks fab,beautiful pics.

    LOLi was expecting to see pics of Max in the papers today,falling out the club in a drunken state lol..but she has escaped the paps LOL.

    Happy Birthday T,hope u get all u wish for and all u’re dreams come true.

  14. Ok cool,i respect u’re opinions but i still believe the guy.He knows too much for it not 2 be true!!!
    Still think the relationship is odd,and i did hear for myself Dappy slagging her bloke on Moyles,and i did see the other bloke saying she was a cheat on one of the music channels.
    Its cool u are all defending her tho.i do think she’s a wicked singer tho,its just i’m not sure about her as a person.Just my opinion.
    I think she’s pretty,i think she’s a great singer,she just doesnt look trustworthy to me.

  15. and the guy has told me that Tulisa didnt arrive or leave her party with her bloke either.Rather odd,don’t u think for an Engaged couple!!!

  16. OMFG just tell tht guy where to go,he’s talking bull
    Just read T’s blog on her myspace,she says on there tht she has not ditched him and still has a ring on her finger.Go read it!!!!!
    And she is trustworthy,there’s nothing to suggest she isnt.We love her on here!!!!! simple as that,and we luv Max n Adam too,so please respect them all!!!

  17. nearly forgot,oops

  18. Elle,please stop listening to tht guy who is sprouting crap..y’know Max had to address this on her show today,cos ppl were emailing in,or texting in thinking T has ditched Adam!!! I’m serious Max had to tell them she hadnt..go to iplayer and listen at about 1hr 15 [i think it was about 2.15 when she started talking about this,so tht would make it 1hr 15 on the player]
    She said T gets annoyed that ppl keep thinking she ditched Adam.
    So Elle,please go listen..Adam WAS at T’s party,they ARE still together

    Please Elle,stop listening to the troublemaker.
    Just because T and Adam are not seen,or are not believed to be together alot,doesnt mean they dont care about each other.Not everyone runs their relationship in the same way,their way clearly works for them,its lasted 4 years now.Which is alot in this crazy celeb world!!!
    They should be commended for trying to make it work,not pulled apart for it

    We have nothing but love for them on here,and thts how its gonna stay,regardless of what is said.

  19. Max did?????????????? I’ll have to have a listen now!!!
    I don’t understand it anyway,cos Max wrote on her blog tht Adam was there anyway,so why are ppl thinking he wasn’t??? It doesnt make sense.

  20. Yeah Rach,she did.I couldnt believe it when she started saying it.
    I have no idea either why ppl are saying it,cos u’re right Max wrote tht Adam was there.
    I think,cos Max said early in her show [as a joke] tht T and Mr Hudson were whispering together.I think ppl have picked it up wrong and twisted it to she’s with him now.
    Silly stuff.Its a good thing tht T and Adam seem pretty solid together,cos thts the stuff tht can cause drama [LOL,NOT what Max said..i mean ppl thinking T is with everyone but Adam!!!!]

  21. Oh Lord!!!! are they mental or what??????
    I’ll have a listen back to Max’s show,see what was said.
    LMAO I told u the original headline was gonna cause grief LOL,just kidding Max!!!!!
    Honestly tho,its written under the pics tht Adam was there!!! I think u’re right Tonya,they prob listened to Max’s show n twisted what she was saying.I’ll have a listen.

    I have emailed tht guy,thru my sis’ email n told him to shut it,and tht he’s talking bull.I suggest u do the same Elle.
    As we’ve kept saying,there’s nothing but support for T n Max n Adam on here.

  22. by the way girlies,have any of u emailed Zoe about Max’s show,or shud i do it??
    I know she wont wanna miss it.

  23. Yeah Nikki,i mailed her about it

    I would just ignore that guy too Nikki,he’s just causing grief.Even if he is convincing,he’s still just drumming up trouble.T n Adam will be ok,they are having to put up with these rumours on a daily basis it seems.Its fab tht they are not buckling to them!! love it

  24. first vid from Rockcorps last night,only brief but is close

  25. hiya! no one awake so on here on my phone. wow, looks like theres loads to catch up on when i get back! miss you guys! got you each a prezzie. bye!

  26. HEY ZOE!!!!!! Hope u are having a good time!! we miss u too
    Yep,as u can see drama to catch up on LOL
    Enjoy the rest of u’re trip Zoe!!!

  27. Nah,won’t tell guy tht cos i believe him.Think Max could be just covering for her,she is her mate afterall.
    She looks pretty in her pics tho

  28. Max isn’t covering up.Its just all lies.

  29. http://photo.wenn.com/index.php?action=quicksearch&ppid=91022&version=uk

    couple of pics from Rockcorps!!! only inc 1 with T on!!!!!

  30. NO T on this one girls.

  31. WOW Rach,u’ve been busy today LOL,thanks for all the links.
    How gorg does T look in tht pic with Max holding her balloon.Just a stunna
    oooh I didn’t know tht gig was gonna be on tv!!!! excellent news

    Elle,i’ll say this one last time.WE here are all major supporters of T,Max and Adam,so if u want us to say bad stuff it ain’t gonna happen.As i said before,we tease all 3 of them,but they all know they have our complete and utter respect and support.
    I don’t know what’s going on with everyone thinking T is with Mr Hudson [even tho i joked at the start of this thread,simply cos Max had a diff headline up then],but it clearly states on her piece that Adam was there..so no Elle,Max is not just covering up.Obviously there are enough ppl who have been hearing all these rumours about T,and thts why Max felt the need to address that on her show yesterday.
    I’m not gonna argue with u Elle,cos we here all like each other alot and arguing just brings the tone down,so i’ll just say if u are not sure about how u feel about T,then this isnt the place for u,cos we here are nothing but supporters.
    So no,T isn’t cheating,she didnt dump him,Max isn’t lying or anything else that is being said all over the place right now.

    Now,back to these links Rach…bit gutted that T was only on 1 of those pics!!!! and none of the other sites have any up!!!!! not cool!!!!

    LOL Zoe!!!!! I knew u couldnt stay away,even on u’re hols lol.Hope u’re having a wicked time.

  32. Tness!!!!! lol,i hope she doesnt have to bend over in that dress LOL!!!!

  33. We miss u too Zoe!!! enjoy the rest of u’re trip.

    well girlies,u have been busy lots of Tness i see.I’ll have to look at everything
    Faze was briefly on Max’s show today [last hour of show],it was very,very brief,he just said they were gonna work with Mr Hudson..No T tho on the show.

    LMAO Nikki,haha,bending over in a dress that short haha,i’m sure it would perk up the audience!!!!

    nicely said again Nikki,about why we are here and the support.God knows why those rumours are flying round again,must be a slow gossip week or something.It does make me laugh how they think T is so heartless tho and how think imagine she just moves on that quickly.Its totally ridiculous

    The best thing Max said was tht T gets really annoyed tht ppl keep saying she left him…now,if she was so heartless,she wouldnt be bothered about that,would she???!!!!!

    Anyway,i’m gonna look at all today’s lovely Tness!!!

  34. haven’t seen these yet,but apparantly tht guy Saint [as in Saint feat N Dubz] has some pics of T’s party on his myspace,and we don’t need tohave an account to see them!!!

  35. ooh,i’m gonna have a look for the pics now!!!!

  36. Girlies,I got those tickets from u guys today!!!! sooooo excited,thank u sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

  37. MTV NEWS is about Rockcorps today!!! u see a 10 sec clip of them live and Dappy n Faze do the interview,no T tho..gutted!!!
    Max must’ve been keeping her gossiping then lol!!!!

  38. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Hahahahaha i’m laughing so hard at T opening that jam hahahahaha,no wonder Adam says she can’t cook!!!!! she smashes things open hahahaha,poor bloke prob gets glass in his food.
    Soooo funny!!!!

    Thanks for all the links Rach!!!!
    aaaah u got u’re tickets,thts twice in a matter of months u’ll see em!!!! u’re gonna love it!!!!!

  39. LMAO,loool she is mad!!!! funny
    hahaha Nikki,u’re onto something there with the cooking LOL hahaha

    good job with the links Rach!!!! glad u’re tickets have arrived.U just have a wicked time,we expect u to scream the house down!!!!!

  40. LOOL,i know,I was cracking up at the jam too,she was sooo determined to open it LOL
    hahaha poor Adam!!!! lol

  41. T looks pretty in green in her ‘date outfit’ in new Bliss mag

  42. T4 ON THE BEACH starts at 2pm on Sunday on Channel 4
    can’t wait.

  43. can’t wait to see it!!!!!
    Zoe will be back to see it too,so thats great,she won’t wanna miss that.

  44. I hope the weather is gonna clear up before T4 cos tht is just gonna spoil it for everyone!!!!!! and T ain’t gonna want to get her hair wet LOL,just kidding.

  45. LOOOL she will still look amazing if she’s soaking!!!!! I hope it does get out nice tho,cos tht won’t be nice for everyone.

  46. http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/t4/video/video_four.html

    incase anyone missed this from a lil while back

  47. Rach u lil star finding tht Kiss thing,will have to rem to listen!!!
    Sunday gonna be a big T day then,with T4 and then Kiss!!!!!!

  48. oooh nice work Rach!!!
    lots of Tness this weekend then,and Zoe won’t miss it lol

  49. I’M BACK!!! Had absolutely amazinggggg timeee! Probably best week of my life!
    Just checked my inbox, wow, thanks so much for all the emails and links, will read through it tomorrow when I’ve had some sleep.

  50. Missed you guysss loadsss!
    2 of my guy friends were taking the piss out of N-Dubz on the coach but I had a go at them. At least they’re gonna buy N-Dubz album cause they eventually started to love Ouch so I told them they should buy the rest of the album too.

  51. Welcome back Zoe!!!!
    U sound like u’re full of joy!!!! glad u had a superb time
    LOL,i knew u had to at least turn one person onto their music lol!!!!!!
    LMAO,u should just show all the guys T’s myspace pics,the new ones,the guys will quickly become a fan lol!!!!!!!

  52. aaaah glad u’re back safely Zoe!!!
    sounds like u had a wicked time!!!!
    haha u’re doing great converting ppl Zoe!!!
    LOOOL,yeah Tonya,the pics will deffo help convert the guys haha

  53. Hey Zoe!!!!! welcome back,we missed ya,its just not right when one of the quartet is missing lo!!!
    Sounds like u’ve been having a big party Zoe!!!
    hahahaha love how u just wait n then pounce to convert ppl.Nice one!!!

    Just been looking on T4 website and they have N Dubz listed as 3rd for tomorrow,for 5 MINS!!!!!!!! 5 MINS is not enough Tness for my liking!!!!!!!! they have crap getting 15 mins.Yes,Tinchy is on after them which they will most likely be on his set too,but 5 MINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C’MON ON!!!!!!

  54. Just sent a complaint to channel 4. It is not right.
    I sent this:
    Dear Channel 4,
    I have just looked at the stage timings for T4 On The Beach and I am quite frankly disgusted that N-Dubz have only been given 5 minutes on the stage whereas other acts get far longer. These other acts that have got far longer include Will Young who only got famous because of a television talent show and several foreigh acts including Metro Station, Daniel Merriweather and Shontelle. I strongly believe we should be supporting home grown talent and promoting the amazing acts that we have here in the UK instead of foreign acts. There is currently very few acts which are actually from the UK in the UK Top 40 and this disgusts me. One of the reasons why there are very few acts actually from the UK in the UK Top 40 is because broadcasters such as yourselves focus more on foreign acts rather than focusing on all the brilliant UK music talent which is trying desperately to break through but is struggling because the lack of focus by the UK’s media. Homegrown acts such as in America are pushed far more than the acts in the UK which is why there is far more American acts in the UK Top 40 than there are UK acts in the Billboard Top 100 in America. Broadcasters such as yourselves need to give more air time to the UK’s homegrown talent and N-Dubz are a prime example of that.
    Also N-Dubz are not manufactured unlike many of the acts that are appearing at T4 On The Beach and are getting far more stage time. N-Dubz do everything themselves, from the writing to the production. N-Dubz hard work deserves to be recognized by giving them for time to showcase their talent to the nation. It is such a shame that unmanufactured acts aren’t properly recognized by leading broadcasters such as yourselves.
    I suggest you sort this out and give N-Dubz more stage time because N-Dubz have a lot of fans in the UK and are doing so well in the music industry, better than many of the acts that have been given a longer stage time at T4 On The Beach. This therefore needs to be recognized by giving them more stage time.
    As you can surely tell I am very disappointed in the 5 short minutes that N-Dubz have been given to perform at T4 On The Beach and I really hope that this does not happen again.
    Sort yourselves out Channel 4.

    Got my N-Dubz tickets for December today!

  55. oooh nice complaint Zoe!!!
    I think they’re taking the piss with the 5 mins!!!! They’re the most successful act on there!!! I couldn’t believe it when i saw the listing.

    Wonder if C4 reply to u Zoe!!!! they’ll give some crap answer if they do.Wonder if we should all complain as well lol!!!!

    U glad to be home now Zoe?
    Got my tickets yest!!!

  56. Got a reply and a rubbish one it is.
    Dear Zoe, Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries regarding T4 ON THEBEACH. We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with the amount of time given to N-Dubzand feel home grown talent should be given more time than others. Please beassured that your comments have been noted and logged. This log isdistributed throughout Channel 4 for all to read. Your comments will also bebrought to the attention of those who make T4 ON THE BEACH. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate allfeedback from our viewers; complimentary or otherwise. Regards, Penny WatsonChannel 4 Viewer Enquiries

    Channel 4 have really gotta do better.
    Yeah, I mean I had an absolutely amazing time but good to be able to chill and just do whatever.3 days left of school and then done for the summer!
    T4 On The Beach is still gonna be good tomorrow cause they normally have loads of backstage bits so N-Dubz might be in them.
    Ticketmaster actually managed to deliver my tickets on time for once! Gonna be amazing!

  57. 5 MINS?????? are u serious.Tht is a joke!!!!
    Well done Zoe for complaining.Their reply means they are just being polite but gonna do nothing about it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the massive 5 mins anyway.Lets hope they are on the backstage bits.Do they not understand that we need our T fix!!!!!! lol

  58. I just did a search on twitter and when i searched N Dubz,there is a guy called PETE NOTTAGE saying he is interviewing them TONIGHT,and does anyone have any questions!!!!
    Does anyone know where or how we can hear/see this??????? i’ve never heard of the guy.
    Maybe its just a lie,like the one who said they had interviewed T for The Sun newspaper,cos that interview was never in the paper.

  59. 5 mins!!!??? is tht some kind of joke?? C4 are taking the mick.
    Who else is getting 5 mins????????
    Nice job complaining Zoe.Its a miracle they even replied,but they’re not bothered.

    twitter has a search????? lol,i never pay any mind to it,i didnt know it had a search bit.
    I’ve never heard of the guy,and u’re right the Sun one still hasnt appeared.

  60. LOL,look girlies,the greatest female group of all time [for me anyway],on their 20 year anniversary tour,and aaaah look [25 secs in],they have been inspired by T,they are doing her hand movements!!!
    How inspired lol

  61. I really wanna send another complaint back to Channel 4.
    Yeah, I saw that and sent a question in!
    Oooh, I got that Bliss magazine today! Was planning not to go out at all but it was worth it!

  62. Maybe i should complain to C4 then,then they will think more ppl are upset?????

    T is on Channel AKA,on a new show called THE SHOW SHO SHOW,its from Dubplate screening.She is saying she can’t do drugs cos she suffers from heart palpitations!!!!

    Zoe,i’ve got u a bunch of cds all uk acts from past.Thought u might like to check out the uk rnb/acid jazz etc from back in day,Think u might like some of it.

    any ideas where tht guy writes/broadcasts for Zoe???

  63. btw,i’ve got the aka show for u Zoe.If any of u girlies need it just let me know.

  64. DAMN,i’ve missed tht show!!!!!!!!!!!! any chance of it Tonya???
    What would we do without u!!!
    lucky Zoe,cds too!!!

    i’ve never heard of tht guy either,is he from tv,radio or newspapers???

  65. Thanks so much!
    Got some more cd’s from you today Tonya. Gonna watch them tomorrow!
    Nopee, I think he’s a freelancer. Will try and find out more info though.

  66. http://www.petenottage.co.uk
    I think he works mainly for Channel 4

  67. ah man!! i missed tht show too!!!! looks like u’re the star again Tonya!!!

    hmmm,maybe tht guy has been interviewing to do with T4 today,esp if he works mainly for C4!!!
    Can’t wait for today’s Tness!!!

  68. 12.55 T4 N DUBZ playing beach games!!!!

  69. Ring is off!! told ya Zee’s cuz was right
    Nice headphones necklace tho!!!!

  70. Bet she still has it with her tho!!!! she never goes long without wearing it!!

    she looks stunning on the bit tht was on just before
    Hope there’s pics up soon too.Can’t wait for show

  71. Yep,she’ll have it with her,i’m sure of it.Like Rach said,she never goes long without wearing it

    This show is shyte!!!! serious,the crap amount of minute they had,and then their earpieces wern’t working,and it made then give [in my opinion only] a weak perf for them!!!!!
    Not happy with this amount of Tness

  72. Thanks for the links.
    They hardly showed any N-Dubz.
    I think Im gonna have to send in another complaint to Channel 4!
    I agree, it wasn’t their best performance but that’s because of the lack of sound quality which is the sound technicians at T4OTB fault, not N-Dubz. Loads of people on twitter were saying how bad N-Dubz were live but N-Dubz are actually amazing live. They were sickkkkk in Southampton and the other live performances I’ve seen on youtube and tv were amazing too.

  73. The amount of time they got was shockingly bad!!!! i’m disgusted
    Yeah Zoe,thts what i meant by it was a weak perf for them.They were not BAD,it just wasnt great by their standards!!!!
    They clearly couldnt hear,cos they were all touching their earpieces.

  74. Is it all the haters on twitter Zoe?? cos haters will love the below par perf!!!! lol
    They’ve already started with the missing ring [as u can see!!!!!]

  75. T looked gorg tho,as usual.I must say too,even in their interview later on in the show,T looked a bit subdued,and the boys were even quieter than usual!!!!
    wonder what’s going on there!!!!!

  76. T looked gorg,but the sound made them look like fools.Wasn’t their best,but by no means the worst.Just not excellent for them.
    Oh God Zoe,sounds like the hate brigade is out in force on twitter then!!!! they’re out on wiki too,about the missing ring!!!

  77. Im gonna have to watch the whole of T4OTB on 4OD later then cause I missed the interview. Got bored of T4OTB.

  78. It was on during the Saturday’s perf!!!!

  79. I’ve got it for u Zoe,save u going thru tht whole show again,cos tht would be just too painful lol
    There’s really not alot to say about tht show is there,except T looked pretty lol

  80. Thanks so much!
    N-Dubz just posted this on their official twitter:
    Brave T!

  81. no ring again i see!!! Its OVER!!! Engagement is done n dusted.

  82. LOOOL,T has tht look on her face like ‘its a snake..and what??” lol
    Snakes are actually nice to hold,and ex of mine had one and they are not slimy n cold like ppl think they are.

    Elle,its NOT over!!! don’t believe it.It was just a week ago she was partying with Adam at her party.If u had listened to Max’s show,u would’ve heard her talking about this!!! I have no idea why T didn’t wear the ring at the weekend,but i don’t believe its for anything bad.

  83. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGAAAR!!! I totally forgot to listen to tht show on Kiss last night!!!!!!!!!
    Tonya,u didn’t happen to get it did u??? I know u’re the master of these things lol,and we are grateful for it!!!!

  84. YEP,I got it,i’ll send u it,already sent u’rs Zoe.LOL the master lol

    T looks pretty comfortable with the snake!!!! haha,a see a new career of handler of all things slippery n slimy!!!! lol

    Nope Elle,don’t believe its over,not wearing a ring for 1 weekend doesn’t qualify as being over.She couldve easily left home tht weekend n forgot to put it on.That simple.Not buying the split stories.

  85. sound is far better than the bit with Tinchy!!!!

  86. Thanks Tonya!!! i missed the Kiss thing too,forgot all about it

    Nope Elle,they haven’t split up,we all believe that.

    soooo annoyed today,some ppl at my school were calling T allsorts!!! wasn’t happy,so had a go at them.I’m not having that!!!

  87. Aww, just ignore them.
    School over for summer! šŸ˜€ I felt a bit ill today so my mum immediately thought it was swine flu cause this girl in my year has it but I’m pretty sure it’s not so my mum’s giving me the last 2 days of school off! šŸ˜€

  88. U lucky thing!!!!!!!
    God tht swine flu is everywhere tho!!!!

    LOL,yeah i tried to ignore them,but they kept saying stuff,so i had to say something.Idiots.

    I wonder if Party In The park is gonna be on tv????? isn’t it on at the weekend???

  89. Yeah, everyone is gonna get it at some point. Just don’t wanna get it before I go to Canada! I’m not complainign though, no school for ages now!
    Yeah, the assexual guy was dissing N-Dubz again today so I had a go at him. He’s so smug and he was like Dappy’s a twat, I’ve met Dappy 3 times and I was like no you haven’t and he was like yeah, whatever so I was like I’ve met him and he’s no twat. The only twat is you. He got well annoyed but it’s true. At least he bought Sex by N-Dubz so go him! He’s finally got a N-Dubz song. Im gonna try and convert him one song at a time!
    If they do keep saying stuff I guess it is hard to ignore them. Try and N-Dubplicate them!
    Oooh, hope it is!

  90. Don’t u just love tho Zoe,that they are suposed to hate them,and yet they know so much about them!!!!
    Tht guy prob has a crush on Dappy lol!!!!!
    he prob already has their album!!!!! loool

    Yeah it is hard to ignore sometimes,esp with what they were saying bout her!! they’re idiots anyway lol.

  91. oh,forgot to say wireimages and getty have added a couple more pics from yest.
    U’ve prob all seen them tho i know lol

  92. just tell them they are twats Rach!!!!
    Lol,sounds like tht guy either has a Dappy crush OR he has a crush on u Zoe,and he’s using slagging them as a way to talk to u!!!!! looool

    Tonya,thanks!!!!!! u never fail!!!!!!

    Hey Max,are u still alive???? u haven’t spoke to us for ages!!!!!!

  93. Thts a much better perf by them!!! more them!!! but look how the have to share 1 mic!!!! T4 need to sort themselves out!!!
    Thanks Zoe!!!

  94. How come u are saying their perf was shit,if u love them so much?
    and when am i gonna get these dvds u all get???

  95. We’re just saying that it’s not their best performance and that’s because of the sound quality which was T4 On The Beach’s fault, not N-Dubz. We’re being honest.

  96. Morning Zoe!!
    Erm excuse me,but when did we say their perf was shit?? what i said was it was a weak perf BY THEIR STANDARDS!!!! I didn’t say it was rubbish.The other footage is much better,its just the song with Tinchy was below par,and as Zoe said,it was technical problems at fault,not them!!!

    Anyway,being a real fan does not mean we have to agree with all they say n do.We can be honest in our opinions without offending them or each other!!

    LMAO,i doubt u will get dvds!!!!

  97. Well said Nikki!
    Thanks loadsss Tonya for all the cd’s and dvd that I got today! šŸ˜€ Great start to my summer!

  98. where’s mine??

  99. There’s loads more vids of N-Dubz at T4 On The Beach now, if only N-Dubz were actually given more screen time on the actual show on Sunday. Channel 4 obviously don’t appreciate decent music.
    Btw, N-Dubz have announced another date on their Christmas Party tour. They’re coming to Oxford and I think tickets go on sale tomorrow.

  100. Well said Nikki!!
    Great Zoe,glad u got them.I hope u enjoy,and u’re very welcome!!!!

    Elle,u’rs are still in the shop!!!

  101. Tonya,thank u soooo much for the parcel today!!! u spoil us!!

    LOOOOOL,still in the shop hahaha

  102. Yeah Zoe,they should have had more airtime,and its annoying tht they chose to air the perf where they didn’t sound so good!!!!

    I can’t see that Party In The Park is gonna be on tv this weekend either!!! gutted

  103. Tonya,thank u soooo much for the cds n more itunes!!!!! U totally spoil us,thank u so much

    hahahahahaahaha still in the shop,LOOOOOL,classic!!!!!!

    I noticed that Rach,tht there’s no sign of Party In The Park!!! not happy

  104. Is she back with her bloke yet tho?
    Mine’s in the shop?? Well that ain’t very nice.

  105. I think she is with her bloke. N-Dubz were at Portsmouth Uni Graduation ball on Sat night and someone I know was there and T was wearing her ring then. Must’ve been just Sunday she wasn’t wearing it.

  106. Also Elle, demanding dvds isn’t very nice. Tonya does this because she’s so generous and one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to. We greatly appreciate everything she does for us.
    You also sound like someone I know, you from the York area by any chance?

  107. she wasn’t wearing it at Grad ball,cos thats where the snake pics are from!
    she’s at the JLS party now and she ain’t wearing it either.
    Nope,London not York.
    I didn’t demand,just asked where mine was!!!

  108. What snake pics?
    Ok, sorry.

  109. Ok, I get you now but my friend did say she was wearing it on stage. She must’ve seen something else then.
    The main thing is that T’s happy though.

  110. Morning Zoe n girlies.
    Still don’t believe there’s anything up with T n Adam!! Yes,we can see she didnt wear the ring at the weekend Elle,and yes there was a JLS party last night.Thats true,cos the guy up my street was gonna do security,but he’s ill so couldn’t,but i have no idea if T went,or whether she wore her ring.

    Until we see pics of her at this party,we can’t comment whether she wore it or not,so i’m still swinging with she n Adam are fine.

    Totally agree with what u said about Tonya,Zoe!!!!!!

  111. I was only messin bout the dvds!! thought u might have took the joke.

    On the real tho,serious,I know u think i hate her but i don’t.I think she’s a wicked singer,but i just find her a bit questionable as a person.Which obv u guys don’t.
    Its the ‘hard front’ she puts on that bugs me.Like for example,she’s ditched her man,who she was still with and supposidly happy just what?? a week ago at her party..they were supposed to be happy then right?? according to u’re girl Max,and yet its only a week or so later n she’s ditched him and is showing no kind of sorrow about it.
    Don’t u think that’s really harsh and nasty since she’s been with the bloke for ages??
    I mean c’mon,if any of u split with u’re bloke,u would be a bit unhappy right??? seriously,don’t u think her ”happiness” is a bit harsh for just ditching someone she was supposed to love?

    I think she’s talented,i honestly do.I think she’s pretty,but she just doesn’t show warmth to me as a person.Esp with the way she goes on with this guy of hers.She just doesn’t ever seem to say anything nice about him,or show any form of love towards him.
    Thats my only beef with her honestly.Just think she could come across as warmer.

  112. Ok, yeah, sorry about that, last night I wasn’t in a mood when I wasn’t able to take jokes and stuff but feeling much more like my normal self today.
    Yeah I don’t think you hate her. I think she just wants to keep her relationship private from the public which I think she deserves a lot of respect for since she isn’t trying to make money out of her and Adam being together.
    She doesn’t always put on a hard front. Someone I know won one of those phone calls from N-Dubz and they got one from Tulisa and she told them some personal stuff which would explain why sometimes she puts on a hard front.
    Elle, do you know they’ve definitely broken up?

  113. Found this American guy on Twitter who’s a huge fan of N-Dubz and he told me he’s telling loads of people back in America about N-Dubz. Wanna make N-Dubz global!

  114. Excellent Zoe!!! I’ve already done that with Americans that i know too!!!
    Thanks for u’re kind words too Zoe!!!! touched my heart it did!!!!

    Elle,i do,believe it or not,understand where u’re coming from,if u have read any of the convo’s on here that we girls have had,u will see that we have discussed this ‘hard front’ as u call it,and its recently we were talking about how photoshoots always seem to portray them as something they are not,and we spoke about how this new image of T’s is a much more warm image,making her far more marketable and appealing to girls.

    Also,Zoe is right in that T should be respected for keeping her relationship private.There have been a couple of occasions where she has mentioned Adam [the Love-It mag interview esp],where she said a little bit about him,but not overmuch.What she said was enough to make all of us go aah,and yet we all completely respected that she didnt say too much.

    Its absolutely lovely when she occasionally says something nice about him,we all love it,but we don’t want her to be giving interview after interview,where they want every detail about their relationship,cos that is the first thing to kill a relationship.
    She does mention him tho Elle.She said a lil thing about he thinks she can’t cook,which we girls enjoyed taking the mick of.It was sweet comment but not too much…u get what i’m saying Elle.
    Point is,we like it too when she says odd things about him,but we respect her for not doing the same route as every other celeb does in selling out their relationship.

    Also Elle,T said herself that Adam is protective of their relationship

    I hear what u’re saying about the not showing remorse,but have u considered she’s not showing remorse cos they are actually still together??
    I absolutely agree with u that when u leave a relationship u feel sadness,but T seems happy,which suggests she and Adam are just fine,and as u quite rightly said they were happy at her party.U don’t just leave a longterm relationship cos u’ve had a row,so i doubt T and Adam have gone from happy to split within a week!!!!! Things usually tend to build up before ppl decide to leave a longterm partner.

    We do get what u mean Elle,honest we do and we too would be sad if those split stories were true,and all of us i’m sure would raise an eyebrow if T was this happy if she’d just dumped him,really we would.But until we know diff we have to believe all is well with them.

  115. hahahaaha Zoe!!! someone U know won the phonecall?? hahaha thts cos they know u,and we know about u’re lucky touch!!!!!
    I hope they enjoyed the phone call with her!!!! i’m happy for them.

  116. I know the girl over facebook and myspace, she’s that Sophie Wing girl. I’m not counting it as my winning touch cause I’ve like never met her and she’s not one of my friends from school or outside.
    Found this well funny on Keisha (Sugababe) twitter:
    My feet are still hurting… Me and Tulisa were going nuts on the dance floor lol She even got the dj 2 play her song “Number one” with Tinchy Stryder and Ndubz (After we had a drink of course lol)
    This was at the JLS party last night.

  117. Is that the girl we joked was stalkerish Zoe???
    If it is,in all honesty,I know we joke about that and i hope the girl doesnt take that to heart if she reads on here,but i’m actually glad it was someone like her that won,simply cos she does seem dedicated,and i’d rather it was someone like that,than just some random entering the comp and winning.
    LOL,maybe we should ask her about Adam,she might know what the score is!!! lol

    LOOL thts a bit amusing for Keisha!!! she doesnt strike me as having a sense of humour,and in all honest i wouldve had her down as feeling threatened by someone like T!!!!

    LMAO T,what a poser asking for u’re own tracks hahaha!!!!!

  118. school is over for summer..YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! LOL

    I would rather one of u girls had won tht phonecall!!!!!

    loooooooool T asking for her own tracks hahahaha,now tht is an ego HAHAHA just kidding T!!!!!!!

    Elle,T is not hard fronted,she’s lovely,she just is guarded about what she says about certain subjects [like about Adam],but thats cos she’s trying to not let her n Adam become tabloid trash.
    There’s lots of ppl tht think same as u tho Elle,so i know why u think that way,just we on here happen to know different.

  119. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2549221/JLS-celebrate-reaching-number-one-with-debut-single-by-hosting-party-in-London.html

    YAY PIC!!!!!! T looks gorg as usual,and i’m pretty sure i can see the ring..its a close call,but i’m swinging with yes i can see it!!!

  120. http://photo.wenn.com/index.php?action=quicksearch&ppid=91670&version=uk

    Wenn has a bunch of pics!! and OMG she ISNT wearing her ring.I thought she was,but u get a better look on these wenn pics!!!
    God,its even got me wondering now cos she never usually goes this long without wearing it!!!
    Maybe Elle was right afterall

  121. wow Rach u’ve been busy!!

    woah,woah,woah,this missing ring thing is starting to worry me a bit now too.Have to be honest,this is not looking good,she never usually goes that long u’re right Rach!!!!
    I’m starting to wonder if all really is well there!!!! not good!!!! Bit concerned now.

  122. I knew it!!!!! told ya!!!

  123. hmm,that is highly unusual for her.I don’t think anyone should panic yet tho.
    Its not like her tho,its fair to say she doesnt usually go that long without wearing it,so i can see why ppl are wondering.
    Lets just hope all is well with them.Maybe [fingers crossed] its just a tiff!!! [if there is something going on that is.]

  124. Tulisa looks stunning and looks like she was really happy so as long as T is happy that’s the main thing.

  125. sad tho Zoe,if its true.

  126. Yeah, very.
    She looks like she’s coping well.
    No doubt loads of rubbish will come out about her if it is true but yeah T ignores it all.

  127. This is what makes me not warm to her fully tho,the fact that she just is seeming to not give a damn about it.
    This is what i meant by the hard front.It makes me wonder whether she even cared about the guy in the first place,if she can show no kind of sadness now its ended,and after so long together.

    I’m sorry,i no u all adore her,and truly i want to like her as much,but its just these type things that make me not take the step from being on the borderline about her.

  128. Guys the Rockcorps show is on Saturday 1st August at 9:55am on Channel 4.
    Well annoying cause that’s the day I leave for holiday and we’re leaving the house at 6am that day.

  129. oooooh thanks Zoe!!!! excellent news.I hope they get more airtime this time!!!!!!

    I’m just about to send u all an interview link,cos i’ve tried 4 times to post it on here and it just won’t do it!!!!! so i’ll email everyone the link.

    OMG i can’t believe how sad i feel about T n Adam,honestly i do,its weird,its like me going thru the breakup.I feel proper gutted.
    T does look like she’s coping,but I hope Adam is too.

  130. Thanks for link Nikki looool so Adam proposed in a restuarant now,thought it was at her mum’s house!!!! lol
    I feel gutted too and moreso now,cos it looks like its true,cos THIS is in paper today [its about Mr Hudson]

    Ben is also gutted at rumours linking him with Tulisa N Dubz,which suggest he is to blame for splitting her from her fiance.
    ”its not true,i’ve only met her twice and we had a little kiss,but on the cheek.Fake kiss”

    OMG,they are writing she has split with him!!!!!! i’m sooo gutted.I was sure they were gonna last.I’m so sad for BOTH of them.not just T!!!
    sad,sad start to summer hols!!

    Zoe,thanks for letting us know about Rockcorps,if Tonya isn’t getting it for u,i’ll try.

  131. I would wait for proper confirmation that they’ve split though before we start believeing everything that’s been written.
    A few weeks ago someone told me that today N-Dubz and Wiley’s new track is gonna be played on this radio station. Forgotten which one so gonna try and find out for you guys.

  132. Yeah,thats true but i’ve just got a bad feeling.I hope its wrong tho cos i want them to last.
    OOOH really,maybe its 1xtra?????? maybe Max will be playing it,can listen to her now i’m not at school!!!!!

  133. It wasn’t 1Xtra, it was some urban music radio station. I had never heard of it before my friend sent me the link. She can’t remember the name of it either but I’ll like go through my browsing history to see if it turns up.

  134. I forgot to mention earlier [cos i was in shock lol],tht the thing about T and Mr Hudson is in the Daily Star.Its the same woman who wrote that article about T being angry about the split stories last time.

  135. Ok, the name of the radio station is Demon FM. It’s on Urban Breakdown.
    Can’t see anything mentioned about the N-Dubz and Wiley track on there though.
    Urban Breakdown is on Sundays from 4pm till 7pm.

  136. Morning girls.
    Nikki,thanks for the interview link!!! nice lil interview.
    Zoe,thanks for letting us know about Rockcorps,i’ll get it for u,don’t panic!!! and thanks for the station link too!!!
    I did hear a few weeks back [as i posted on here] tht the track would be getting aired this month too.

    Nikki and Rachel u are feeling gutted simply cos u care about her.Its a natural feeling.
    Thing is,I saw the paper this morning and the actual split thing in that story is more to do with Mr Hudson denying he is involved in any split rumours that are going on
    The paper actually worded it to make it seem like T and Adam hav split,but its actually more him saying he hasn’t split them!!!!

    It would be v,very sad if it is true,and i see its got ppl talking on youtube and yahoo answers,and musicrooms and of course wiki!!
    So ppl are talking about this today!!!!

  137. Thanks!
    Im not gonna believe that T and Adam have split till their official confirmation cause theres always loads of split rumours goign around about lots of celebs so you just don’t know what to believe.

  138. U don’t need to worry about missing any of these shows n stuff Zoe,all u have to do is let me know/remind me when they’re on LOL,u girls know i’m forgetful.

    Yeah,i’m no sure about this split thing either.Its sometimes hard to know what’s real and what isnt.As i said with the story in the paper,that was meant more about Mr Hudson’s involvement rather than a split,but they cleverly worded it to seem like that,which has obv got ppl chatting today everywhere.
    Obv the missing ring thing is unusual for her that much we do know,but hey,it could be away getting cleaned or anything for all we know.
    Its hard in this case to know what to believe,cos we dont wanna believe it,and yet we can see why ppl do believe it.

  139. Max is gonna be talking about the Mr Hudson thing on her show today. I do find it quite funny cause Mr Hudson and T have only met twice and the papers probably picked up that he was at her bday party although Adam was there too so yeah the papers automatically assume Mr Hudson and T is together cause there was a picture of them together. It’s well stupid. The press obviously haven’t got anything better to do or write about.
    Exactly, I never believe rumours now till they’ve been officially confirmed cause so much rubbish is made up.

  140. yeah,i’m listening to Max lol
    I don’t think anyone really believed about Mr Hudson,i think its the bit about splitting with Adam tht ppl are talking about.There’s about 5 ppl on the youtube channel asking about it [nicely tho],so it has got ppl wondering.
    Saw one on yahoo answers asking same.No-one is being nasty but its got everyone thinking its true they are over.

  141. Zoe,did u ever find out what tht guy u found on twitter was interviewing N Dubz for?????

  142. Nopee, I got an email from twitter saying the guy is now following me so that means I can direct message him now though. Gonna do that now.

  143. wonder where he was from,and where we can see/hear this interview.

  144. What’s been going on,on Max’s show????
    has Max said anything bout what’s being said???

    The Mr Hudson thing,nobody believed did they??? when u were away Zoe,when Max first put the pics up of T’s bday,she had a diff headline to the one now [i forget exactly what it was now] but i wrote that it was gonna cause trouble LOL,I didn’t expect it to hit the national press tho LOOOL.

    I’ll have to have a look on youtube n stuff to see what ppl are saying!!!

  145. wow,i saw the comments on youtube on their channel,and the ppl are being really nice.They arn’t talking in hater tones,they sound really gutted about the T n Adam stuff,and the person asking on yahoo answers isn’t being haterish either,AND biggest shocker of all the haters on wiki are actually sounding more concerned about it than haterish!!!!

    Seems to me that ppl care more than they let on smetimes!!!!
    Its almost like they usually start stuff to cause trouble,but when it comes to the possibility that there may be a bit of trouble [POSSIBLY,NOT DEF],ppl are actually sad about it.
    Which is quite nice that they do care deep down.

  146. yeah Nikki,I noticed ppl were being nice as well,which is surprising.lol,they wanted it to happen and now that it may have happened they don’t want it too!!!!

    Nikki,Max was just on about the Mr Hudson rumour on her show,she was making me laugh.She didn’t mention the Adam rumour.She said that ppl have been contacting her show loads everyday,since she put the pics from T’s party up!!!!

  147. Found this well funny http://raincoatoptimism.wordpress.com/
    Seriously what the hell is that guy on about.
    Yeah, the comments are nice comments for once. Hope everything is ok with T and Adam though.

  148. loool,sounds like he’s been smoking too much weed.I was thinking he thinks Dappy is the whole group,until he wrote at the end tht he now knows they are a group!!! LOL what a nutter!!!!

    Hope all is well too.We have faith.

  149. LOL,its quite possible that guy is a nutter lol!!!!
    I don’t even think he knows what he’s on about

  150. IMPORTANT NEWS GIRLS!!! LOL,u’ll be happy,go n read u’re emails!!!!!

    Elle,i’ll just say to u,the rumours are FALSE!!! I know the absolute truth and its just rumour.I know u prob won’t believe me,or think i’m just sticking up for T,but the rumours are false!!!!! DEFFO FALSE!!!

  151. That’s great news! šŸ˜€ Nice that T confirmed it herself.

  152. Yep,exellent news.We can all sleep at night now lol.
    Yes,it came straight from her.
    Knew u girls would enjoy that news.

  153. OMG,THT is the best news we’ve heard all day!!! I’m sooooooooo happy tht its all just rumour.Thanks for letting us know that Tonya!!!
    I’m happy now,lool u’re right,we can all sleep now.It did have me worried,i have to hold my hands up n admit,but i’m very,very happy now!!

    I’m soo enjoying those cds u sent me Tonya.Who knew the uk had so much talent.Thanks for them all,and everything else u have sent!!!!

  154. Yeah, see why I don’t believe the rumours till their confirmed or denied now! I didn’t think T and Adam had split up.
    Also girls how super stunning does T look recently? I think her style has become more grown up and it really suits her!

  155. This just has Dappy and Saint in it but absolutely love this song! Sounds amazingggg!

    The Wiley track is released sometime next month.

  156. Wow,up really early cos couldnt sleep,then i’ve tried to post a comment here 3 times lol,until i realised i was posting it under my old email address,no wonder it wouldnt go LOL [its early,forgive me],and WOW tht is not the headline i ever wanted to see!!!

    The press seem like they are delib going after T n Adam now,and going hard after them!!! First of all,she’s been engaged a year not 6 months,and if this supposed ‘incident’ happened a year ago WHY would she be not talking to him now???

    And,i don’t know if this trial thing is real or not,but what i do know is,we ALL make mistakes at some point,and we do not know what the circumstance were,sometimes things just make ppl snap for a split second.
    Rem,Adam has never laid a finger on T so this trial would not make me change my opinion of him.We all know good ppl who’ve been in a spot of bother.If anything Adam needs our support more than ever.

    Also,i wonder if he’s gonna cope with this latest round of crap alright,we know T handles things,but now they are delib going after Adam and their relationship,i wonder how they’re both gonna cope with it.
    I hope n pray it doesnt destroy them
    They need our support more than ever girlies.both of them

  157. OMFG!!! Why are the papers doing this!!! I was soo happy with the news about them and now this has upset me again!!!
    Tht is just evil journalism!! What have they done to deserve that??

    I know guys who hav done something stupid like that too,and they are nice guys.
    For all we know,someone couldve been talking crap about T n Adam might have just lost it!!!!
    I don’t think bad of him,he’s just done something silly.

    I hate too that they are making T sound like a right cow!! They make it sound like she’s the crapest Fiancee in the world,like she’s gonna dump him at the point where he would need her most!!!!

    Good point Nikki,wonder how they will cope now,esp when its directed right at their relationship,and Adam hasnt had to deal with this before,and T hasnt had to deal with it directed at Adam before
    Hope,hope,hope they will be ok

    WE LUV YA T N ADAM!!!!!

  158. See,its those type of comments in the paper that stops me from liking Tulisa as much as u guys,cos to me it sounds like she is gonna dump him just cos he got himself into a spot of trouble.
    I totally agree with u in its wrong of them to do that to him and their relationship,and i agree that evrybody does make mistakes,and i don’t think he is a bad guy or anything.I also agree that he make have been provoked into that incident.
    its just the bit where she is ready to ditch him cos of it tht bugs me.U would think she would stick with him thru it,and support him thru,not ditch him cos of this one incident.U don’t just bail out on ppl u’re supposed to love,just cos they made 1 mistake.
    I’m sure he’s sorry for it.And i hope he doesnt get jail time.

  159. Ok guys, you know T said in her myspace response to Tonya’s hubby’s nephew that she was getting a new ring why would she do that if she was about to split up with Adam.
    The Sun are renowned for making up rubbish just like the rubbish they made up about Dappy being angry at Tinchy. I wouldn’t believe a word of what The Sun says until it is confirmed. The Sun newspaper likes to twist words. I would always look at the source of the story before deciding to believe it or not and I do not trust The Sun one bit.Also The Sun doesn’t specify the source of the story so it could be almost anyone making up that rubbish.
    It says in the story Tulisa hasn’t been talking to Adam. He was at her 21st dancing with her and having an amazing time so that part of the story is obviously untrue.
    If it is true lets hope T sticks by Adam. They’ve been together for 4 years which is like forever in the celeb world so hopefully she will. T is a smart girl and I’m sure she’ll make the right decision.

  160. That is pure lowlife journalism!!! They are deliberatly setting out to destroy the relationship now.They’re digging all the dirt now,thats just wrong,wrong,wrong.

    Elle,obv we don’t think that about T,but i can see exactly what u’re saying,and i bet thats what alot of ppl are gonna think when they read that story.
    The first reaction will be DUMP HIM,and he’s a thug/troublemaker,and ten there will be ppl who think she’s as bad cos she didnt stick with him..they will think it Elle,u’re absolutely right.

    It makes u wonder who spilled that info to the press in 1st place,cos its first anybody has heard of it.It makes u wonder whether someone within their close circle is feeding the press this stuff.Which is also wrong on so many levels.

    If Adam has sone something a year ago,he isnt the first!!! my own nephew got in similar bother a few years ago,and he’s the most placid guy,so to make Adam out to be a thug is just wrong.

    I hope to God the do both cope with this press,cos its new for T too,cos before it was directed just at her,but now its directed at someone she loves and thts a whole new ballgame.
    U’re right too,Adam hasn’t had to deal with his before either.They need to close ranks with this and not let them tear them apart.They both need our support thru this,not just T

    very very lowlife journalism tho.They wanna get facts right too…its a year long engagement,and he was at her party so he hasnt been told to keep away at all.

  161. Agree with u totally Zoe!!! they should be sued for tht today,its gonna cause allsorts of crap all over the net today!!!!!

    I don’t know u would/or would like to do this Zoe,but since u have myspace i was thinking it might be nice if u could drop T a lil msg,just saying we are thinking of her n Adam,we’ve seen all the crap and we support them wholeheardely
    Just as a lil gesture for her to know ppl do have her n Adam’s back,and we do care.

    If u don’t want to its fine,just thought it would be a nice gesture,cos this stuff is just nasty

  162. Elle,i figured i better fill u in on what T said about her missing ring.. my husband’s nephew msgd her a few days ago about Party In The park [he took my boy],and there were girls there who were also upset about T’s missing ring
    So Jayden asked T about it and she replied to him last night..she told him tht she’s getting a new ring cos that one is too big and keep’s slipping off her finger

    So,that was just last night she told him that.
    For anyone who doesnt believe her ‘too big” ring story [i’m talking to haters here,not u girlies] just watch Dubplate cos she wore her engagement ring on the middle finger,which is a bigger finger and the ring fit that!!!

  163. Ok, sent a message to T!
    I think if the story is true then everyone will stick by T and anyone who doesn’t or turns against her isn’t a true fan. I will support T with whatever decision she makes.
    I personally think at the moment the story isn’t true though.
    T posted this on her Myspace last night: all da haters r w*****s! tell em i said so & if they want it….BRING IT! nanani!!!
    BIG UP T!
    I love how she doesn’t take any notice of the haters and tells them if they’ve got something to say then like say it to her face. You go T!

  164. Also just thinking about it it looks like someone has probably made up a load of rubbish to supposedly explain why T wasn’t wearing her ring.

  165. Thanks for sending the msg Zoe,just thought it would be nice for her to know ppl have both their backs.
    I agree with u,ppl shouldnt turn againgst her for what decision she makes,i just dont happen to think she is considering dumping him!! U just dont turn u’re back cos someone makes 1 mistake,and i dont think she’s the type of girl to do that.
    Its not nice that they are trying to make Adam out to be a thug either,they were not there and do not know the circumstances of this supposed incident!!!!!

    I’m sticking with the she’s getting a new ring story,cos thts what she told Jayden yest,and i have no reason to disbelieve her.She couldve easily not answered him if there was really a problem.

  166. BLESS,I see even Jayden has left a comment on her myspace,saying dont let them break u both!!!!!
    Thts him with the pic of a monkey in a nappy lol,aah glad he wrote that for her too.

  167. Ooooh, I saw that and I was wondering if that was the Jayden you know!

  168. yep,thats him.IF u ask him he’ll tell u what she said about her ring.
    bless,i’m glad he showed support too.

  169. I see this story is starting to spread,just looked on google news and its there a couple of times,ppl are being quite nice on wiki and there are good ppl on the N Dubz youtube,they are not hating,they’re supporting.

  170. ooh great for them tht they’re getting worldwide press!!! excellent

    aaah Zoe,thats sooo nice u sent T a msg!!!
    LOOOOL Tonya,thts u’re nephew????? He was the guy that had me in stitches when he wrote on T’s comments
    ”right,which one of u swine’s gave her the flu” LOOOL,something like that anyway.It made me laugh loads,he must be mental like u!!!! loool
    Nice comment he left for T tho

    I think T sounds REALLY hacked off with tht she wrote on her myspace!!!! Do u think she knew in advance tht,tht horrid story was gonna be in todays paper??

  171. I forgot to do this is Germany but in Canada I’m gonna make a load of flyers advertising N-Dubz before I go and then take them with me and leave them in random public places hoping people will pick them up! Gonna do a lil bit of N-Dubz promotion work when I’m out there! I’m kinda scared though I don’t actually know how Im gonna survive without Facebook, Twitter and Myspace when I’m out there! Gonna miss you lot loads too!
    Guys, read the email I sent you.
    Maybe cause sometimes celebs get warnings before a story comes out in the press but rarely.
    I would like to know who The Sun’s source is though.

  172. Think u already do an excellent job of promoting them Zoe!!!
    We’re gonna miss u loads too,we’ll have to fill u’re emails with all the latest when u’re gone lol

    I’ll just read email now!!!!
    I’m thinking tht cousin guy is behind the story

  173. Yeah, I saw that and was like excuse me Digital Spy have totally twisted the story which was like already twisted.
    Thankss! Have an amazing time at the N-Dubz gig Rachel! For the whole of the 10th August I’m gonna be thinking I can’t believe I’m missing N-Dubz gig. SO yeah, make sure you have an awesome time for me!
    Gonna N-Dubplicate the Canadians!
    Oooh, looks like Jay-Z was flirting with Max last night!

  174. haha i heard that about Max,she is the queen flirt tho
    Don’t know why she’s ignoring us lately tho.

    Digital Spy are just making it worse than it already is!!! This is an awful story going on today,really awful for them both.

    I’m sooooo excited about the gig,i’m gonna scream enough for all of us LOL.

  175. hahhaha Max is trying to say other ppl flirt!!!!!!! Max is a fibber!!!!!!
    MAX U ARE THE FLIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Tonya,u’re nephew is wicked,he’s wrote a great and sweet post on T’s myspace.
    He really has a go at the media!!!!! and then sooo sweet,he says sorry to T!!! REALLY,REALLY SWEET,i think she’ll appreciate that soo much

  177. Adam posted on this guy’s youtube page that apparently T is really fuming today. I bet she is.

  178. N-Dubz are performing twice this weekend. Tomorrow they’re down in Kent at the Sound Island music festival and then on Sunday they’re at Party in the Park in Leeds.

  179. I would be fuming too!!!! and by that remark u told us she wrote on myspace,it sounds like she is!!!

    Ha,good old digital spy,make the story worse than it already is!!! I think this is the worst story so far concerning T,cos its just so directly a hit at her n Adam and its so,so wrong.

    Just got in from work,so havent had a chance to look at Tonya’s nephew on myspace or anything yet,just came straight here to check the latest on this crap!!!

    Zoe,u do a wicked job on N Dubz promo.When u’re away call their stations n request N Dubz.

    I bet T wishes she didnt have to do those gigs this weekend,cos the press are gonna be on her about this shit!!!!!

  180. aaaaaaaah,just fell in love with Tonya’s nephew!!! lol,what he wrote is spot on,and tht pic of the monkey is tooo cute n funny.
    bless him for saying that.T will be made up i think.

  181. Yeah but at least she can put the press straight this weekend if she gets asked. Maybe though the press will get told not to ask about it though.

  182. yeah,maybe they will get told that,but there’s always one journo tht takes no notice.Maybe its a good thing if she does say something tho,cos today has been nasty for both of them.

  183. I see there’s some nice support on the N Dubz youtube channel again today!! very nice to see

  184. Y’know what’s even worse with this whole story,is that i bet u there are ppl who know him personally,where they live,and there will be some complete twats who read that story today and they will delib set out to try n provoke him further in the next few days!!!
    U just know that ppl are tht stupid to do it!!!! They will taunt him just to see how far they and he can/will go!!
    Thats sickening,but it will happen

  185. somebody on facebook is asking if T’s ok cos of Adam’s arrest…they are saying it in a way,tht they must think he’s hit her!!!!!
    This is what i hate,ppl thinking bad about him now!!! its not fair cos of one POSSIBLE mistake!!!!

  186. Zoe,forgot to say..thanks for writing T u’re msg of encouragement today!!!!

    i hope somebody goes on tht facebook n says ADAM DID NOT TOUCH TULISA..REPEAT,HE DID NOT TOUCH HER,don’t get it twisted!!!!!!

    I notice none of them,except us ever think how awful it is for him,not just today’s crap,but the other shit about T from before.None of those ppl ever care about the fact his feelings are involved too!!!!

  187. This guy was going around on facebook telling people about the T and Adam thing so I put him right and yeah he was cool. He wasn’t a hater or anything.
    I’ve left a comment on Adam’s youtube saying: Just to let you know we’re all supporting you!

  188. ah,thats ok then,i thought he was just starting stuff!!!!
    we don’t want ppl twisting it to he’s hit her next!!!! bloody hell!!
    bless poor Adam

  189. Of course this does wonders for T’s street cred,i mean being with a gangsta n all!!!
    LOOOOOL I’M JUST KIDDING,just making light of a horrid story.

  190. Evening girls!!!
    I see we have digital spy twisting the knife in further.They’re so nice arn’t they???!!! They should rem that its just a story to them,but its actually someone’s real life they are toying with!!!!

    Our Jayden wrote more???????? I must look.

  191. wow,Jay is mad today!!!! its not like him to be so vocal,good on him.

    gotta laugh tho,T has tht big headline of I do not have facebook,twitter etc,and some guy has still left a comment saying do u have facebook,etc!!!
    She must get mad at that!!!! Judging by the mood thing she has up,she was ready n prepared for what was coming today!!!!!!
    She’s been very dignified today so far i must say,it must be hard to keep quiet!!!
    Wonder how many press phonecalls she’s had to deal with today!!!!!

    And that poor guy Adam,I can’t even begin to imagine how awful he feels today.

  192. Zoe,excellent idea about the flyers!! u’ll have to put them places discreetly tho,don’t want u arrested for littering lool.
    U might be in a cell with Adam!!!!
    I’M KIDDING,like Nikki,just making light of this horrible story cos it hasnt been a nice news day!!
    Incase any haters are reading,i was joking!!!!!!!! we luv T and Adam

  193. N-Dubz interview here from a few months ago:
    Big up DJ Grind! He’s a Portsmouth DJ! Local!

  194. wen i read wot u girls say,i always feel like i like Tulisa more than i think i do.U’re very convincing lol.I can’t help that sometimes i feel like she comes across too hard,as i’ve explained and yeah i did believe her relationship was over,but if she said that herself about her ring being too big,then i guess she could have just ignored that person’s question if there was a problem..i accept that too.
    I have to admit the press yest,i did feel so bad for her fella,and as u guys said,she hasn’t had to deal with press directly hitting at her relationship either.It must have been a tough day for them both
    I hope her man doesnt get jail time or anything,but i hope she sticks with him,cos as u said he hasnt done anything to her,and its true maybe ppl were provoking him and he lashed out.
    Its bad enough for him now,that everyone thinks he’s some kind of bad guy or thug

    I’m sorry that sometimes i come across as hating on her,i dont honest,and all that stuff about her bloke yest made me have a bit of a turn around,and i felt so bad for them both.I just hope she doesnt ditch him,cos everyone deserves a 2nd chance,and everyone does something silly at sometime.

  195. btw,there’s a rumour going round tht they are not doing Party In The Park now!!
    I don’t know if its true,or if it has anything to do with tht press stuff yest or what

  196. Adam posted on te guy’s profile last nightt hat apparently he’s got quite a few nasty messages on yutube but some nice ones too.
    I’m hoping everyone keeps on supporting T and Adam cause they need the support. Anyway if Adam had lashed out at T then she would’ve left him cause she’s a strong independent woman. Adam has stuck with T through everything so hopefully she will stick with him.
    I’m not at all convinced about the story though. There’s so much of it that are blatently untrue.
    I believe you Elle that you don’t hate her, you are just find her a lil bit questionable.
    I heard that rumour too, it’s been going around on twitter. I wonder if N-Dubz are still gonna be at Kent today at the Sound Island festival.
    Hopefully if the press are there then they won’t ask T too much about the situation.

  197. Those who are sending him nasty msgs are TWATS!! they prob think he’s hit her,which is rubbish beyond words,but y’know how these things spread!!! He has never touched her,she wouldve walked a long time ago,i do not believe one word of that.Ppl are just twisting stories!!!
    The majority of guys get into fights at some point,its possible the supposed person he hit,knew he was with T and thought they’d press charges just to make a bigger situation that it needed to be.
    I’m supporting completely and i hope T doesnt desert him,he still has my support regardless.

    There were sooo many bits in the story that were rubbish tho..the 6 month engagement for 1,the not speaking to him [when he was at her party just weeks ago],then this assault,which supposed to have happened a YEAR ago..why would she be not speaking to him NOW,if it happened a year ago!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plus she told Tonya’s nephew about her ring..she couldve just not said anything n not replied about that..plus Tonya’s nephew ranted [brill] on T’s myspace about that [a guy wouldnt do that,if she hadnt told him that]

    I believe u too Elle,and i do understand.Just cos we love her,doesnt mean we cant see other ppls opinions,and yes,yesterdays press was cruel and humiliating.They were acting like they’ve never made a mistake before.

    Not playing the gig????? hmmmm thts a bit sudden,and odd after yesterdays press!!!!

    Thanks for the vid Zoe!!! saw the interview from Portsmouth a while ago

  198. It was nice to see all the support on their youtube channel yest!!!

    I don’t know how these journalists sleep at night,ruining ppls lives!! I mean regardless of what happens with T n Adam,he’s now got this bad rep cos of careless press!!! and thts not fair or right.They’ve ruined his life with that.

    also,its interesting that for months haters have been trying to split up T n Adam with their stories of her cheating,and yet now that these stories in last few days have hit the press,there is a big hater turnaround,they are being less nasty and even siding to give part support!!!!

    They just need to think tht its ppls lives and feelings they are messing with.It might be fun for them to spread shit,but its ppl like T n Adam who have to live with the aftermath of it all.

  199. ooooh thanks for the links Zoe!!!!

    Those ppl sending him nasty msgs are idiots,they’re just trying to start stuff.Poor guy,as if yest wasnt bad enough for him
    I wonder what crap is gonna come up today!!!!

    Thats a bit odd if they’re not doing the gig.They’ll say its cos of recording,but it does seem a bit funny after yest!!

  200. There’s nothing in the papers today,sun,star or mirror anyway,thank god!!!!

  201. Have they cancelled Party In The Park???? my boy is gonna be gutted,thats who he was going to see!!!

    YEP,nothing in papers today.I think they said more than enough yesterday!!!

    Tht is just pure evil n nasty if they are sending Adam nasty msgs on there!!! They think they’re funny,no-one else does!!!

  202. Girls I’ve sent you an email. It’s something that I don’t really want posted on here so that’s why I’ve told you it via email.

  203. Oooh,sounds interesting,gonna check my mail right now!!!

  204. Lovely Zoe!!!!

  205. made me cry Zoe!!!!

  206. Awww, don’t cry Nikki!
    What a nice guy!

  207. it was sad!!! maybe i’m just sad hahaha,lovely,lovely guy and u were totally correct that its not for broadcasting to the world!!!!
    very,very sweet indeed.

  208. Is there any crap going on today?? havent looked yet cos just got in!!

  209. Nope, no more crap about today.
    Sent him a reply back thanking him for the nice message.

  210. He’ll appreciate it i’ll bet!!

    wonder what’s happening with Party In The Park,are they going,are they not going!!!!

  211. Zoe,thank u for sharing!!! tht was so,so lovely,genuine!!!
    And u did the right thing Zoe!!

    I’m glad there’s no bull going on today!!! the ‘source’ must be making up more crap somewhere.

  212. btw,i didnt see them on tht T4 show this morning!! the one with highlights from T4 on The Beach.
    Thanks for nothing T4 lol

  213. N-Dubz were doing this shoot for Orange today. Tinchy was also there. N-Dubz are performing tonight so hoping for pics! Haven’t heard anything today about N-Dubz not performing at PITP.

  214. ooh what is the orange thing???
    It was prob just another rumour about PITP,cos i’ve never seen it anywhere!!

  215. Does this mean the missing ring saga is gonna start in haterville if they are perf tonight?
    Do we have to prepare ourselves for more rumours tomorrow?? They can’t be as bad as yesterdays!!!

  216. Have u done u’re flyers yet Zoe???

  217. Dunno what the orange thing is yet.
    Not done the flyers yet. Gonna do them next week cause I’ve got loads of GCSE coursework to do so gonna do that next week so get that out of the way and then do the flyers before I go away.
    Maybe but at least we know the truth about the rumours now.

  218. Guys check out this site! My friend sent me the link.

  219. ah thanks for tht link zoe!! someone told me about this a few weeks ago and i could never rem what the link was
    Some of them are really funny,gonna read them now

  220. http://briti-shh.blogspot.com/2009/07/n-dubz-stars-secret-sadness.html

    Nikki,u spoke too soon!!! still spreading.I did chuckle at the pic,only cos we know what she told Tonya’s nephew!!!

  221. Guys sent you another email
    Just saw that, commented and said the truth on there.

  222. LOL WHERE’S THE RING hahaha,its a very demanding to know headline on the pic!!!
    I wish she would hurry up n get her new one loool,then she can wave it about n see how long they notice that she is wearing it
    I BET it takes them longer to notice she IS wearing one,than it has to spread it that she isnt

  223. Oooh, N-Dubz are next on stage at Quex Park!

  224. Just soooo nice Zoe!!

    How do u know that Zoe??? have u got binoculars or what?? lol

  225. Nope, someone said it on twitter who was there

  226. ah!! thought u had secret powers to go along with u’re lucky touch!!!

  227. If they’ve showed up there,they are probs gonna show up tomorrow too.
    It was most likely another rumour about them not going to PITP

    WHY is PITP in Leeds this time?? isnt it normally in Hyde Park?? cos its normally horrendous traffic when its on.

  228. I thought the location changed every year. Next year can they come to Southampton! We used to have Power in the Park but they cancelled it which everyone was really annoyed about.
    Apparently there’s gonna be more news of the N-Dubz and Tinchy project coming soon.

  229. Photo of today at the Orange thing:
    Apparently more are to follow

  230. Some vids from tonight are also up on youtube.

  231. Thanks for the vid Zoe and the pic link!!! i’ll have to go n check youtube now!!
    I think PITP location does changed every year.

  232. none of the photosites have pics up yet!!!!!
    T looks beautiful again on the youtube vids.Sounding great too.

    I just checked her myspace,she has been on,she hasnt said anything more angry on there as far as i can see!!!!!!

  233. LOOOL,laugh at the bit where T says she never knows where she’s going,n she shouldve brought an overnight bag!!!

    There’s sure to be pics from pitp sometime today!!!!!

    i thought tht T might do a blog about all ths crap,like she did before,esp after she wrote tht Hater are wankers thing,but obv she’s keeping her cool so far bout it.

  234. Was in a shop earlier,which have their own instore radio station blasting out,and they were bleating on about T ‘ending her engagement’…was not happy at having to listen to that.They were just repeating what the Sun wrote.It was doing my nut in

    If the press write anymore crap maybe she will do a blog,which u cant blame her for,and the haters still would take no notice

  235. another nice comment on their youtube channel for T,altho this person believes they have split…they mean well in their comment tho.

  236. You can listen to Party in the Park here:

  237. ooh,nice one Zoe!! they havent been on yet,have they?

    nice clear perf vid from T4 Rach!!

  238. Nope, Ironik is on at the moment. He said earlier he was most looking forward to N-Dubz!The after party and backstage bits are gonna be on the radio too.

  239. oooh,thanks Zoe,gonna listen in

  240. They are sounding amazing!!!!!!

    the crap made it onto bliss too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The hater got owned!

  242. I know!!!!! they sounded soooo good!!!! enjoyed that.

    LOOOOOOL the hater got owned hahaha

  243. sounded FAB!!!!!!

    Rach,think its gonna spread to a few more place yet!!!!
    I was reading what Zoe wrote on tht blog about T’s ‘secret sadness” and there’s a right cheeky git on there saying T is getting a big head!!! twat

  244. SUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGAR!! Have i missed them on the backstage bit??????? forgot about that bit coming on.I switched off after they had performed
    Did i miss any juicy bits if they’ve already been on?

  245. Nopee, I’ve been listening for 2 hours and they haven’t been on. It’s all gonna be on the site tomorrow anyway though. The guy keeps saying N-Dubz are coming on soon but yeah they haven’t and loads of people are getting really annoyed.


  247. I just heard it!!!! wasnt very long was it loool,and T didnt get a word in really!!!
    I heard them say about more bits being on the JK N JOEL show tomorrow,so maybe there will be more of T there!!!

  248. Ooh, are they on it tomorrow? Doesn’t that start at like 6am? Im hoping bits of the interview or something will be uploaded onto the site.

  249. I don’t know if N Dubz will be on.I just heard the guy who is doing that show now say JK N JOEL will have more backstage gossip n stuff on their show tomorrow.
    I’m just assuming they are gonna have bits of everyone

  250. http://www.bbc.co.uk/switch/roadtrip/
    Seriously why did my parents book the holiday when they did. If only we went 2 and half weeks later. Grrrrr! Missing out on so much good N-Dubz stuff!

  251. http://photo.wenn.com/index.php?action=quicksearch&ppid=92003&version=uk

    Wenn is the only site with pics for u guys so far,all the others have pics of everyone but them!!

    Not being awful here,but do u guys think she’s telling ring about the reason her ring is missing?? really?? I’ve just got this feeling she has left the guy,and believe it or not i’m actually sad about that.

  252. Oooh Aug 6th!!!! have to keep a note of that,thanks Zoe!!!! I will do my best to get anything that comes on for u Zoe!!!! Don’t want u missing anything
    Thanks for the pics info too Elle!!!!

    I know what u’re saying Elle,cos the longer its missing the longer ppl will speculate,but i will say this,if she’s having a ring made,it does take several weeks.
    We don’t know for sure whats going on Elle,I only know what she told my hubby’s nephew [and that was the day before the Sun story broke],she told him it was too big and kept slipping off her finger,and she’s getting a new ring.
    I know she said this,cos i’ve seen the msg..feel free to ask Jayden on myspace if u don’t believe me.I’m sure he’d be happy to tell u about it

    The thing is Elle,he didnt directly ask the question about the ring,he basically sent her a msg saying she was great at T4 ON THE BEACH,cos he was there,and he told her about a group of girls behind him who were talking about her missing ring.
    H didnt quiz T about it,he just told her that story,and to his surprise she answered with that about the ring!!!
    She couldve not answered his msg,or she couldve answered and just said thanks for the support and not commented on the ring thing,but she didnt,that was what she told him
    Those are the only facts we know for sure.
    I know this much,if it is bad news about Adam,u wont find us talking crap about him.
    But yeah Elle,or any of u girls.Feel free to ask Jayden what she said,sure he would tell u.He did make a comment on her myspace comments about it too Elle if u have a look on her page.

  253. Thanks for the photos!
    Thanks Tonya, I’m missing so much good stuff when I’m away! The cruise ship we’re going on next week has internet but it’s like $0.75 per min so like really expensive. At the youth hostel in Germany me and my friend got on the internet and it was only like 7 cents per min.
    I believe what the message from T that Jayden got sent and yeah in the messages I got from someone which Im not gonna say who it definitely sounded like T and Adam are still together.
    Vid from yesterday here:

  254. ooooh photos n vids great!!!!!!! looks fab!!!
    There was no mention of anything in papers today,even bout Party In The Park,which is surprising.

    Zoe,i wouldnt waste u’re money on the internet while u’re away.If we see anything we will send it to u’re email,so u wont miss anything when u are away.

    I believe the msg T sent Jayden too,cos like Tonya says,T couldve ignored his msg,and he wasnt asking her the question he was only telling her what happened at T4,or T couldve just thanked him for supporting,she didnt have to say anything bout her ring or anything.

  255. Yeah, im not gonna spend my money on the internet. I think on the ship we’re going on it’s mainly Americans so hopefully there’ll be lots of teenagers to NDubplicate!
    The audio clip of N-Dubz in on the Party in the Park site now.
    Printed off the flyers!
    Btw, Mz.Bratt’s single is out. She’s a great new artist and has previously supported N-Dubz at some of their shows.

  256. I actually like tht Mz Bratt single,might download it
    OOOH Zoe is raring to go with the flyers!!!!! Look out Canada here she comes lol

    Think N Dubz are gonna win another MOBO this year,just feel it in my bones lol

    Girls,i’m gonna have to be naughty n go n fill some answers in on wiki,cos they think Adam has hit T,and tht is just not right!!!!!!

  257. Yeah, watch out Canada, coming to NDubplicate you lot!
    I hope they do! When are the MOBO nominations announced? Must be soon cause the awards are in September. N-Dubz have done amazing in the past year and grown from strength to strength. They’re one of the biggest urban acts in the UK right now so they totally deserve to win a MOBO.
    The haters will get bored eventually, are they like being nasty on there or just asking about it?

  258. I’ve just got a feeling the Mobo’s will reward them,after the brits did not..just a feeling i have

    They are saying Has Tulisa’s man been violent to her cos i read story in paper
    There’s a couple like that,so i’ve answered just saying ”he has never been violent to her,its a story thts getting twisted into something its not”

    They wernt nasty just they mustve heard tht version of the tale..also i saw on their youtube channel someone having a go at ppl on MSN who have been saying Adam hit her too

    So GOD,tht story is spreading now!!!!

  259. Hope they do win a Mobo.They were robbed of the Brit!!!

    Good on u for filling those question in Nikki.Thts a nasty rumour to spread,and i was talking to my cousin today and she says loads of ppl have been talking bout it on Msn,so she’s been telling them its not true too!!!
    Ppl always twist what it says!!! thts a terrible rumour tho.

  260. I think Mobo’s are usually announced around beginning of August Zoe!!!

    I hope they dont just give them to Beyonce again!!!! puts u off watching.

  261. yep,Mobo’s are usually announced then,they’ve been losing their shine in last few years,which is a shame.All these awards shows tend to give them to wrong ppl tho!!!!

    Had a horrid feeling those stories would spread!!! good work tho Nikki and the person on youtube does a nice job too.
    I wrote to Sun at the weekend,well emailed them to say what they wrote was shabby,tabloid writing and facts should be checked first.I also complained about how they made T out to be very disloyal in the way they portrayed her as dumping him cos of the courtcase.
    I said that they [the journalists] are acting like they’ve never made a mistake before,and why is it they treat footballers and other celebs like kings when they do acts of violence,and yet they are implying tht Adam is thuggish.
    I was ranting LOOOL,they wound me up!!!!! They havent replied..surprise,surprise!!!!!

    ZOE,nice job with the flyers!!! u’re prepared.
    I was talking to Jayden earlier on.Jayden is American,but he lives in uk now,and he says he’s been sending out bulletins on his myspace telling ppl to check out an amazing vocalist …OBV T!!!!
    Cos he has lots of American acts as his friends on there.So bless him,he’s doing his part and he wasnt even asked to loool

  262. I saw what tht guy Jayden wrote,so i believe what u said she had wrote to him.I also noticed she hasnt changed her ‘relationship status’ either,so i guess they are together.

  263. exactly Elle!!! she’s been on myspace,she couldve changed it!!!!

  264. Tonya,good on u for complaining,they wont reply to that,i doubt.They dont care what they write.
    There’s a nice msg from a guy on their facebook who thinks the same as us too,just he thinks they split up,but his msg is nice.


    N Dubz travelled 60 miles after a gig in Coventry on a search for groupies,but ended up with one of their phones getting nicked by a fan

    SEE,its bullshit like this what casts T in a bad light,cos ppl are gonna look at that n think oh yeah,all of them looking for groupies n she’s only just ditched her bloke.

  266. Note the source is the daily star, if people have any sense then they won’t believe it. That gig in Coventry was a few weeks back anyway.
    Well done for complaining Tonya! If they ever get back to you they’ll probably give another rubbish response like I got from channel 4.

  267. lol,I was just in the mood to complain that day,cos the whole thing was just nasty.Not expecting them to reply,they think its a joke ruining ppls lives.
    At least u got a reply Zoe!!!! lol.I’ll tell u what they say if i get a reply.

    Daily Star is hardly reliable,which made it strange that T chose them to say she wasnt cheating a while back!!!
    It does seem as tho they are out to cause the maximum damage with her n Adam tho,i agree.I dont know what’s suddenly provoked their interest in ruining their relationship!!!!

  268. Daily Star are idiots as are the rest of the press!!!!

    I still think tht stupid guy is giving them the stories.
    Zoe,are u looking forward to going away?

  269. Was there like a box you had to tick on The Sun’s website Tonya to get a reply? There was on the channel 4 site and that’s why I got a reply.
    I think the Daily Star are probably the paper that feature N-Dubz the most.
    Ermm, half looking forward and half not. My mum really doesn’t want to go away and she feels like she’s being forced into going away. This is gonna be the longest ammount of time Ive been away on holiday for so gonna miss all my friends sooooooo much, miss you guys and yeah, still not happy about missing the N-Dubz gig and seeing Diversity perform next week.

  270. aaah Zoe,we’ll try our best to fill u’re email with anything tht goes on,so u dont miss anything.
    U will enjoy u’re hol once u’re there,its just the thought of going!!!!

    I think u’re right about Daily Star feat them the most,yet they’re not in press that much really.

  271. Haters keep the world going round! That site likes all the really music, it doesn’t appreciate decent music. I mean it only gave Flo Rida’s song ‘Sugar’ like a 45% rating, that’s an amazing song. Iif you look at all the music that site likes its mainly bands that would bore me to death.
    Loving the prisoner dance thing!
    Yeah, probably, was skeptical about going to Cologne but once I got there absolutely loved it!
    I think N-Dubz are only at the beginning of the road and they’ve still got sooooooooo much success to come so they’ll get featured in the press more and more. Apart from Uncle B dying (Rest In Peace Uncle B) the past few years have been absolutely amazing for them and they’re going from strength to strength. I was listening to some of their old songs which aren’t on the Uncle B album on youtube yesterday, don’t get me wrong I love those songs but they’ve improved so much since then and yeah, they’ll just continue to get better and better!

  272. They are getting better n better,they sound so young on those older songs on youtube.

  273. Not sure that getting featured in press is always a good thing loool,cos they just wanna dig dirt!!!!
    wonder if tales of T’s ”broken engagement” hit the magazines this week!!!

  274. what do u think of this guy’s version of the late,and very great Luther Vandross’ Never Too Much????

  275. N-Dubz’s Postcard from T4 on the Beach
    Behind-the-scenes video diary from the music event, following the performer’s preparations SUB Thursday 6th August at 11:45am on C4
    I don’t think the stories will hit the magazines cause N-Dubz are hardly ever featured in magazines, apart from the reputable music ones and D101. Also the story hasn’t got around much which is good. I mean I’ve seen nothing about it in the press this week.
    Has everyone heard N-Dubz and Saint’s collabration Where Do We Go?
    Was talking to Saint tonight on Facebook and apparently N-Dubz management keep delaying the release date which sucks cause it’s an amazing track!

  276. N-Dubz are gonna be on this site very soon (next few days):
    Was talking to the guy who runs it over twitter and yeah, it’s an American site and yeah he’s American and he absolutely loves N-Dubz and is gonna try and boost their profile in the USA which would be amazing!
    I think the site gets quite a lot of visitors too and the guy said he only puts the very best acts in the focus spotlight and N-Dubz are gonna be in it!

  277. oooh more programmes!!! God,there’s a few to watch out for isnt there!!!! thanks Zoe
    Looks like they are more known in USA than we thought!!!! Do u think that America will ‘get them’ tho?? cos its tough to break America,and sometimes they dont get the humour

    I’ve heard the Saint track,no T on that one tho lool.I was always annoyed that they didnt release the Ultra track!!!!!

    Gonna have a check thru the mags,just in case!!!

  278. Don’t u think its strange tho,that none of them have denied it about Tulisa’s broken engagement?? Don’t u think its odd that a story like that which appeared in The Sun,which said it was over and also made her fella look really bad,and yet nobody,esp Tulisa has denied anything.
    Just think thats strange,thats all.Not saying she’s wrong,just it raises an eyebrow.

  279. I’m gonna have to write all these progs down too,or else i’m gonna miss some,i just know it,n then i’ll have to harass Tonya AGAIN looool!!!!
    God bless Tonya haha,what would we do without her girlies!!!

    Not long to go til u’re away now Zoe!!!!! dont forget the flyers lol!!!!
    Rach,i hope u’re getting excited too,not long til u see em!!!!

    Elle,I get what u’re saying.T did write that thing about haters being w*****s on her myspace on the day that story broke.I think she was actually directing it at the press when she wrote it,and i believe she knew that story was gonna break,cos she had wrote that really early in the morning…so it was like she knew in advance and tht was her reply.[just my opinion]
    Also,its possible she has given press a reply and they may not have even printed it..tht wouldnt surprise me!!
    Its also a thin line,cos IF Adam does have a court case the press will just love to dig for more dirt,and if T starts ranting to the press,it could egg them on to dig that dirt and thts not fair on Adam.
    There’s none of us think he’s a bad guy and we know he cares bout her,but the media have abilities to twist things to make ppl look bad.
    Also Elle,IF T n Adam were to split,I dont think she would honestly wish bad things on him.U dont be with someone that long,and be engaged to someone without caring,even after tht relationship ends.

  280. LOL Nikki,i’ll do my best for u all!!!!
    Zoe,i meant to say yest about The Sun thing.I just wrote to an email adress that was in the paper!!!!

    I know its confusing Elle,the story made it so,so i understand why u are not sure of the situation,but the story had so many holes in it
    First was the time they had them engaged for,they said 6 months,and it was a year
    second she’s not speaking to him,and yet he was at her party,which was THIS month
    Then the whole situation of her not talking to him cos of the ‘incident’…why would she wait months n months after to decide to not talk to him over it.That just does not make sense to anyone.If she wanted to ditch him over that,she really should have done that at the time,u would think.

    All those things The Sun wrote just dont add up.I think they dug up that dirt n used it as the excuse for her ring being missing.

    Then we have the ring,she wore it at her bday,just look at Max’s pics,and i saw the msg she sent Jayden bout it.As i said,she couldve chose to not answer that part of his msg.

    So yeah,i understand why u’re confused Elle,i really do,but for us who have followed the story,there are so many holes in the newspaper story.

  281. Elle, Tulisa likes to keep her relationship private so she never comments on it. I have so much respect for her for doing that. More celebrities should follow her example.
    I’m getting more excited as the days go on so hopefully on Saturday morning I’ll be super excited.
    I agree with Tonya, The Sun newspaper story is full of so much rubbish that I highly doubt any of it is true at all. The Sun need to get their facts right before printing a story.
    It was up quicker than I thought! This guy is a massive N-Dubz fan now and he’s American! I asked him what were his fave songs and he went on to list like every song! He can work on the Americans and I’ll work on the Canadians!
    I definitely think N-Dubz have the potential to make it big globally. I mean there’s gonna be the comparisons with the Black Eyed Peas because of the 2 guys, 1 girl set up but like Tulisa said that’s no bad comparison. N-Dubz are far more talented than the BEP though. Also they do everything themselves and don’t need any other writers or producers to come in and make the tracks for them. They have the full package whereas many acts around these days, I mean they can sing but can’t do a lot else.
    Soon the world is like gonna be full of loads of NDublets!

  282. Grrr, the comment box on that site didn’t let me post everything I wanted to say in the comments!
    HAVE AN AMAZING TIME RACHEL!!! You’ll get to see Fe-Nix too who were on the N-Dubz tour and were absolutely amazing! Their record label is refusing to release their best song though which is really annoying.

  283. Thats a nice lil piece on them Zoe,and nice welcome to the American market!!!
    Black Eyed Peas,lol,they are disposable to me.I know loads of ppl love them and i understand that,but for me they were never really on par with a group such as The Pharcyde.
    However they’re hugely popular,so the comparison with N Dubz will remain.I happen to think our girl could wipe the floor with Fergie tho.

    Yep Zoe,the story was full of too many holes.But i do understand where Elle is coming from.I do understand her concerns.
    The Sun is the paper that frightened us all to death claiming T had swine flu..scared us out our minds with the headline,and then didnt think to write that actually NO she didnt and was fine.

  284. I wrote on tht site too Zoe!!! thought i’d join ya!!!

  285. Am I right in hearing Max said she was playing N-Dubz new track today?

  286. Hopefully loads of Americans will see that article and go and listen to N-Dubz and buy their album off iTunes!
    I’m not alone, yay! Saw that comment you wrote on that site and it’s really nice!
    I can’t remember but did anyone else on here go to the N-Dubz Uncle B tour?

  287. Max didnt play a new track,cos thts what i thought she meant too.She did say the album was almost done n she cant wait to play some tracks on her show,and that they are now recording with Mr Hudson.
    I’m gonna write on there too looool

    I didnt go to the tour,excited to be there soon and the Xmas one

  288. ok,i wrote on the site too,hope it sounds ok!!!

  289. Do u girls want a tshirt or anything when i go?????????

  290. My mate sent me a link to this over facebook:
    Aww, so you didnt get a chance to see Tulisa do her solo of Torn which was absolutely amazing! I’m hoping she’ll do another solo at the christmas partyy/
    Yeah, what you wrote is well good Rachel!
    My comment got read out on Max’s show today about skiving! Just to let you know I’m trying to cut it down but it’s like addictive, once you skive once you really want to do it again. Rachel, don’t follow my bad example!

  291. LOOOOOL T likes the wild guys!!! Colin Farrell,he’s about as wild as their is!!!
    Thanks for the link Zoe

    LOL,I’ve tried to skive but my parents just not having it!!! I’ll have to practice lying a bit more loool

  292. http://uk.glam.com/videos/detail/interview_n-dubz/

    can anybody get this to load??????????????

  293. Did Tulisa write something nice on the last album sleeve to her fella??

  294. Yeah she did. She wrote:
    Adam Bailey I love you baby I’m always here for you. I hope that together we get all that we want out of life. Love you forever.
    Rachel, that vid is also on youtube. I can get it to load.
    Awwh, my full comment on the 1xtra website but basically I told my mum I was too tired to go in and she accepted it and used to tell the school I was really ill.

  295. LOL,I used to skive too!!! don’t do it Rach lool,be a good girl.U’re too sweet to be a naughty girl lool.
    Love what u have all wrote on that article!!!

    Colin Farrell looks hot SOMETIMES lol,sometimes he’s rough,wouldnt wanna be in a relationship with him tho!!! T must like bad boys…loool,so WHY is she mad at Adam then for being a bit naughty!!! [just being sarcastic!!!!]

    Tht video wont load for me either Rach!!!!
    Rach u sweetie,u dont need to spend u’re money just enjoy the gig,but thts such a nice thought.

    Elle,she wrote a very sweet note to him in the album sleevenotes.Wonder what she will write in next one!!!

  296. Are your parents like really strict then Rach? My dad doesnt know I skive but my mum does. She’s such a pushover and yeah my dad leaves an hour before I leave for school so it’s really easy to let my mum let me stay off. I can be really stubborn so if I refuse to go in then she lets me have the day off eventually. In year 10 we had this really patronising english teacher once every 2 weeks (we got 2 week timetable) so I only like went in on that day twice in year 10 (in the first 2 times or the only 2 times I had, I thought she was bad at first so I decided to give her another chance and she was worse than the first lesson so just skived off) . Im so glad she left at the end of this year. But yeah trust me skiving isn’t a good habit to get into cause you think oh I’ll only skive one day and then you think well maybe I’ll skive the next, what harm is it going to do. Eventually you end up skiving whole weeks of school. The most I’ve skived in one go is about 2 and half weeks. I always skived the most in the 2nd half of the autumn term. I’m going to attempt to skive less in year 11 cause I’ve got my GCSE’s. I know I won’t be able to not skive at all but Im gonna try less. So yeah, don’t skive or even start cause you won’t be able to stop and it’s so hard to catch up.
    I used to like Colin Farrell but not so much anymore.
    I think it was in the Love It article T said he always seemed to go for bad boys!
    Yeah, keep you’re money Rach, spend it on something nice for yourself. Thanks for asking though.

  297. aah poor Rach,not being able to skive once tho!!!! lool,i’m joking.It is a bad habit and is addictive.I wasnt as bad as u tho Zoe loool,but i did have my moments!! usually cos i hated a certain teacher really.
    My kid sister skives all the time,she gets ready for school but somehow doesnt make it there.I think she’s being bullied and i will smack the crap out of them if i find out who by!!!!!

    Lol,T prob doesnt think Colin looks that hot now either!!! she shouldve said Adam,the bad bugger that she is!!!!

  298. I hate so many of my teachers though! Really annoyed cause Ive got my science teacher that I cant stand for 8 hours every 2 weeks in year 11. Thats gonna be so tempting to skive, especially when i have double science. Gonna have to resist cause my target is A* but in my last 2 GCSE modular exams I got D’s and E’s, Im hoping Ill get moved down though so I won’t have to have him.
    I never skived in year 7 and year 8 but yeah in year 9, autumn term was when it all started. It’s so hard to get out of the habit. The girl who was in the doccumentary, Lucy, I could really relate to her, except my mum never got in trouble or anything. My friend who skives less than me got in trouble though and she was like how come you aint in it.
    Nikki, I think you should talk to your sister and see if she’s ok. Does your mum know she’s skving?
    Colin has gone downhill now. Fazer is my top celeb crush atm!

  299. Lol Zoe!!! will power thts what u need,tell u’rself u WILL go to school lol.
    Oh yeah,my mum has been to the school,cos it was so out of character for my sis,cos she likes school,she’s really bright but sooo quiet,and there was one girl who thought she could take advantage of that,and thts when the skivving started.My other sis did threaten this girl lol,and she backed off a bit and my youngest sis started going to school again.If the kid starts it again tho,i will smack her one.No-one is picking on my kid sisters loool.

    Do u really have crush on Faze Zoe?? I did wonder if any of u fancied them.I just dont,i dont find either of them attractive…and before the haters start,lol,i LOVE the group,i LOVE the music,i adore T,this is simply about not being attracted to either of the guys!!!!
    If T isnt there i find them both quite irritating and childish!!! I just think Faze follows whatever Dappy does most of the time.

    LOL girls,i better repeat myself for sake of the haters,I LOVE THE GROUP,THE MUSIC AND T,that was not a hater comment,just i dont fancy either guy,thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. I meant to ask u girls about this last night,did any of u happen to be listening to radio yest afternoon about 4.10 ish??
    I’ll tell u why..i came outta work and was walking along and this car passed,stopped at the lights and the guy had his radio on,and i heard them [on the radio] say
    ”Tulisa’s single again boys,form an orderly queue” and the other guy says ”but she’s already shacking up with her new man!!”..guy goes ”nooo,i didnt even get to queue,what guy??”

    The car then drove off n i didnt get to hear the rest
    Did any of u guys hear any of that on a station yest??????? cos i’m not sure what he was listening to,but i was MAD tht they were saying tht bout T!!!!
    Making out she’s moved on that quick!!!

  301. Awww, nice to see you’re like really protective of your sis’s. I don’t think everyone would wanna get on the wrong side of you so hopefully they’ll have stopped now if they know you’re gonna be after them!
    Yeah, Fazer is well cool! At the meet and greet he was going round giving everyone high fives and yeah he’s such a cool guy! I like Dappy too, well especially since I got a kiss off him! But yeah I love all 3 of N-Dubz! My fave member is definitely T though!
    Nope, didn’t hear that. The only radio stations I tend to listen to are 1xtra or radio 1. You should’ve like chased after the car!
    I’ve subscribed for twitter and facebook updates from certain people (N-Dubz, N-Dubz fans and my best friends) to go to my phone so hopefully I can kinda keep up with what’s happening when I’m away. I won’t feel totallly isolated from the action!

  302. LOOOOL if i skive n get caught,can i say u guys told me it was fun n should try it???? loool
    Nikki,u can be my sis lool,mine would let me get bullied!!!!!

    My fav member is by far n away T!!! the boys are cool,but dont fancy them.I do see what u mean by Faze copies what Dappy does alot tho,cos i’ve noticed it before too.But love the group,so who cares if i dont fancy them!!!

    IDIOTS for saying that bout T,on radio too!! thts how crap spreads.She hasnt changed her myspace status so all is prob still well!!! but what stupid things to say.That makes her sound both slutty n not giving a damn bout Adam.

  303. Your sis lets you get bullied? Aww!
    Noo, don’t blame it on us! We’re telling you not to do it! Rach you’re going into year 10 right?
    I definitely skived more time off in year 9, probably like half the year and yeah when I went back I had to work well hard to catch up. In year 10 I tried to skive less but it’s so much harder in year 10 to catch up with the work than in year 9. Theres like so many deadlines and they move on with the work really fast so if you skive too much then you have to work super hard to catch up and yeah Rach I don’t want you ending up in that position. Im lucky cause the only subject my skiving has really affected is science but with other people it may be different.
    Fazer and Dappy are like best mates and are proper tight so yeah, you can why T spends her time screaming her head off at them!
    I would just ignore the guys on the radio.

  304. LOL,dont do the skivving Rach!!! my Dylan did that a few years ago,cos he was being picked on,cos they thought it would be amusing to say stuff cos Dylan’s parents had both been killed..yes kids are that cruel,so he acted up for a short time,til i sorted it!!!!

    lol,Dappy n Faze.i’m old enough to be their mother!!!! i would smack those boys heads lol

    I think whoever that was on the radio has a very careless mouth!!!.LOL its hard not to tell other ppl not to listen to gossip,when radio ppl are going round spreading it!!!! Hopefully it was a station that no-one bothers with.Idiots making her look bad AGAIN!!!!

  305. Good news hopefully girlies..I wrote to PEOPLE MAG [which is the biggest American mag] and told them bout N Dubz,did the whole hype thing bout what they’ve done here n how they’re gonna try break the States etc,etc,said that they should check them out n have the scoop before the rest of the American media
    I got a reply from the editor who said she was passing my email onto the music department of the mag,and can i send some mp3’s!!!

    So i have!!!!! also directed them to their youtube,myspace channels and passed on the mgmt emails etc!!!
    So at the very least they are gonna be aware of them!!!!!!!

  306. Oh my god, that’s well harsh of the kids to say that about Dylan. Glad everything is ok now.
    There’s like so many reasons why people my age skive, like bullies or just not wanting to go into school. I mean at first I did it cause of friendship problems but then they got all sorted out and then I did it cause I just got well bored at school. I think teachers need to make lessons more exciting and definitely need to respect us more and stop treating us like we’re still in year 1 and 2. Quite a lot of people skive in my year and cause we don’t live in a city or town there’s no truancy officers about so it’s so easy to get away with it. I think schools need to give us more incentives not to skive. In Southampton apparently there’s a scheme gonna be starting that if kids go into school they get a free curry. Most people I know don’t like curry so that’s a waste of time.
    Awwwh, you could see in Max’s doccumentary that T was constantly shouting at them. I think Dappy is probably worse than Fazer though!
    Omg, wow, that’s great news! That would be well good if N-Dubz got featured in People mag! Like most of the US would see them!

  307. I emailed this record shop in Canada to see if I could leave some of my N-Dubz flyers there and I can so gonna visit it and give them a whole bunch of N-Dubz flyers!

  308. Wow,thats amazing Zoe!!!! Canada is gonna be N Dubz experts by time u leave!!!
    Thts amazing too bout People Mag showing interest!!!! At least they’re gonna know bout them.U guys are amazing!!

    LOOOL,not really gonna skive,was kidding.I would be the one to get caught LOL.
    I dont get bullied lol,just meant my sis wouldnt do anything,not like Nikki does anyway!!!

    Tht is disgusting if they were saying stuff bout Dylan when he lost his parents.Tht is just pure nasty n cruel.It goes beyond bullying.

  309. All ready to NDubplicate them now! I don’t think where Im going has a lot of record shops but I’ll hunt them down!
    We gotta spread the N-Dubz word and let people know how amazing they are!
    Aww, do any of your parents like work at home? One of my friends do so they’ve got no chance of skiving. Also like people here cant go to the skate park if they want to skive cause the biggest skate park in our local area is in a field right next to the school so they can see really easily if anyone skives off to go there.
    Do you not like get on with your sis then?
    Does anyone know if you can use mobile phones on planes yet?

  310. LOL,yeah i get along with my sis,but she just lives in her own world lol,so she wouldnt even notice!!!!!
    Do u not have siblings Zoe??? they are a nightmare lol.
    They prob delib put the skate park there,so tht they could catch the skivvers!!!!!
    Some ppl have used their phones on planes,dont know if u’re supposed to

  311. Aww, how old is she?
    Nope, dont have any but want some. Whenever I tell my friends i want brothers or sisters they always say are you crazyyy but yeah Im not!
    Yeah, probably which is well annoying! Another one of the biggest parks in our local area is right next to an infant and junior school so theres like nowhere for us lot to go if we skive so most people just stay at home
    I checked with my friends and yeah, you’re not allowed to use your phones on the plane, only for listening to music and playing games. Looks like the plane is gonna get a blasting of N-Dubz the whole way there then! My dad had to upgrade to business class to get bigger seats cause hes sooooo tall so theres probably gonna be loads of posh people in the seats around us. Might try and NDubplicate them! I’d so laugh if any of them started headbanging or singing along though! If they do Im so gonna film it and post it on youtube!

  312. LMAO tht would crack me up if a load of posh ppl started doing that Zoe!!! It would be hilarious
    I know ppl who have used their phones too!!!

    aah u’re an only child Zoe!!! I can understand why u would want siblings tho,,even tho they annoy sometimes.
    LOL Rach,i’ll come down there n sort anyone out if they pick on u!!!!! trust me!!!

    hahaha Zoe,u crack me up [u do realise u’re getting as mad as Tonya,dont u???]…u have this skivving thing sooo sorted hahaha,u’re the queen of the skivving rules,its so funny.
    Those kids who were talking shit like that to Dylan need a good kicking,that is just ridiculous!!!!

    Well done Zoe n Tonya for doing u’re part for the N Dubz movement,thats amazing.

  313. I know! I don’t think I’m sitting next to anyone but my parents šŸ˜¦ Wish I was so then I could turn my iPod up like super loud and play N-Dubz constantly and see if they, by the end of the flight, like start singing along! I doubt this will happen but I really want some posh person to go when I play Ouch ma name’s Shaniqua and whattt, seriously that would be the funniest thing ever! I doubt any like super posh people travel with thomas cook but hoping there’ll still be some! Does anyone remember when on BBC Switch Nick and Annie played N-Dubz to a load of old people? That was well funny!
    Siblings would be well cool though cause it’s annoying being like the only person under 50 in my house, I have like the dullest parents ever. No joke.
    Yep, I’m like an expert on skiving! Not the best thing to be an expert on but hey! Apparently at college and uni they don’t care if you don’t go in though. My school they call attendance meetings but yeah, well funny on my report my attendance was like 60% and in brackets it had health related issues so I was like yeah, I got off! Its not good though so Im gonna have to change my ways otherwise Im gonna end up failing my GCSE’s. Btw, are GCSE’s actually that important?
    Hope Dylan is like fine now and everything. Thats beyond sick what those kids said to him.
    I found out the store is a rock music shop but still, might manage to NDubplicate even the most hardcore rockers! After all T did say there’s a song on the N-Dubz album for everyone!

  314. LMAO,Zoe if tht happens on the plane,u HAVE to find an internet cafe n tell us,it would be just hysterical!!!
    Tht thing on switch with the old ppl was well funny,actually u find that the much older generation are more likely to give anything a listen,than the 50 age range!!!!

    haha u can go on University Challenge n have skivving as a speciality!!!! joking…i do hope u’re GCSE’s go well tho.HA,are ANY exams actually that important?? cos there’s plenty of brainiacs who can’t get jobs in today’s day n age!!!!!!

  315. Will do! I’m planning on wearing my Na Na Nii t-shirt on the plane too! Canada won’t know whats hit them!
    Good point. Old people have like more open minds when like 50 year olds automatically like judge something without hearing/seeing it.
    Me, going on university challenge? Don’t think so! My general knowledge is like so bad! Im always asking people stupid questions. They think I’m only joking but when I tell them I’m actually not they give me a funny look. Blonde and proud though! I’m not even on planning on going to uni at the moment, well I will be if my parents have a say in it but I don’t particularly want to go.
    Exactly, I think more non uni people are getting jobs than uni people. I want to work in the music industry in marketing/ promoting so you don’t necessarily need a degree for it. Saves money too.

  316. U need to be a PR Zoe,cos that translates as PAID LIAR,thts what a celeb PR does!!!! u have to learn to put up with all celeb crap too tho,but basically u just have to lie about u’re client,n make them look innocent and the wounded party in the press!!!

    LOL,blonde n proud hahaha,nowt wrong with that Zoe!!!!!

    hey Zoe,we hope u’re not gonna run off with a Canadian Mountie…i could make a remark there,but i wont!!! lol..we need u here!!!!

  317. Yeah, a PR would be a cool job and I’m very good at lying, well to my school that is!
    Blondes do have more fun after all!
    Whats a Canadian Mountie?
    Can anyone like remember if Gatwick airport has a MacDonalds? I hate plane food so gonna fill up on junk food before I get on the plane! Haven’t been there since like 2007.

  318. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/2564814/N-Dubz-star-Tulisas-spot-on.html

    U guys sure she’s still with her fella,cos The Sun is implying again that she’s not,with their Mr Hudson remark!!

  319. It does have a McDonalds,and a Burger King

  320. thanks for link Elle,and i’ve gotta say i’m totally with u on this one,that IS what The Sun is implying!!!!
    Their sudden interest in T is making me a bit nervy,cos its not her as a singer they’re interested in,they are now making her a tabloid star and they are delib trying to ruin her n Adam

    If there is any problem between T n Adam,then these types of stories n snide implications are not gonna help!!!!

    We love T and yes we always shout for more T press,but not if its gonna cost her,her relationship with Adam,and this is what the press are pushing for in the last week or so!!!!

  321. Thanks for posting.
    The comments on there about her and Adam have already started to appear. However there is one positive bit about this article, T is gonna gain so much more respect from people for turning down that sort of money to do playboy. Some celebs wouldn’t be able to resist but yeah T has and people are gonna respect her far more for doing that. But yeah that comment about Mr Hudson at the end of the article wasn’t needed.

  322. OMFG what are The Sun doing this for????????? Tht shouldve been a good story and they have to ruin it with their snide remarks!!!
    Are they delib trying to wreck her n Adam?????????
    I understand why ppl are making comments,cos i mean the papers are making it seem like she just doesnt give a damn about Adam.I know WE know diff,but the general public reading all this don’t,and the media are making T seem like a slapper.
    I wish she would do a blog bout all this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I checked her myspace n she hasnt been on,so her status hasnt changed,but guys have a look at what Tonya’s Jayden wrote!!! wicked!!
    He seems like such a nice guy [not just sayin it cos of tonya],but he’s like,not a typical full of it guy,he gets really mad bout what they are doing to T n Adam,just nice to see a guy saying it

  323. MAX,I know u dont wanna say much bout all this,and we understand,but can u please,please just do something for us..can u please let T know that we here don’t agree with,support or believe in what the tabloids are trying to do lately.Can u please just tell her we luv her loads and we’re thinking bout her and same to Adam too,regardless of what the situation with them might be,we still support him loads too
    Can u please just tell her that from us Max!!!!

    I know T will say just ignore,but i dont believe that all this isnt hurting or upsetting her,however hard she tries to ignore.Its all very personal attacks now,and it is upsetting me [however stupid that makes me sound.,so it must be upsetting her.So please Max,please just let her know we’re all thinking bout her.

  324. hmmm,another example of a journalist just stirring it i see.That shouldve been a nice story,but they have to spoil it!!! There was no need for the Mr Hudson ref in that story at all,and it seems like they designed the whole story just to make that dig!!!!
    I have no idea what they’re playing at recently,but they seem very determined to cause trouble.

  325. seen the story a few places!!!! they are just evil!!!

    Zoe,i hope u’re gonna have a great holiday!! we’ll try n make sure we send any news n scandal to u’re email so u dont miss anything

  326. Im just gonna take the story in a positive way and I’ve seen so many positive comments about T turning down the offer today. The Sun are idiots and I think we should just ignore them.
    Dappy is away in Greece at the moment on holiday, lucky guy!
    Thanks, will do! Started getting a bit more excited when I found out it was 30 degrees in Vancouver at the moment and they’re having a long heatwave!

  327. lol,u will be more excited once u’re on the plane!!! wonder if T is on holiday too!!!!

  328. I think it’s just Dappy, this girl on facebook who knows him really well said.
    Thanks for posting! I wanna hear the interview!
    N-Dubz got no shows lined up this weekend but then they’ve got like loads the following weekend.
    You’ll have the best time ever Rach!

  329. http://xrrf.blogspot.com/2009/07/gordon-in-morning-keeping-it-covered.html

    I’m getting very excited now!!!!! havent seen the interview up yet anywhere

  330. Awww, bet ya aree! Whens your bday again?

  331. 9th!!!!!

  332. Aww, happy bday for then! Hope youu have an amazingg day! It would be so cool if you met N-Dubz after the gig!

  333. Lol,i would prob faint looool

  334. evening girlies!!!!!
    aaah lil Rach,i hope u’ve been practising u’re screaming!!!!!
    Hope u’re gonna have a great holiday Zoe,we’ll miss u tho.

    I think T might be on hols too,cos she hasnt been on her myspace in a few days!!!!

  335. Oh,and LOVING what Jayden wrote on her page

  336. You’re so gonna lose your voice Rach! Dont wear heels either, they kill your feet! Please don’t fainttt!
    Im gonna miss you guys loads too! Will be back with my stories of NDubplicating on the 22nd!
    I hope if T is on hol she’s having an amazing time, she deserves some time off!

  337. Have a good holiday Zoe!!!!! we will be waiting to hear all u’re stories from the trip!!!
    I’ll try my very best to get all the upcoming stuff for u,and we’ll keep u updated with all we can
    Just enjoy u’re trip!!!

  338. Thanksss so much guys!
    Rach, have the best time everr!
    Gotta finish packing and then off to Canada. Soooo tired though, Im not a morning person, especially not a 3am in the morning person!

  339. Hope Zoe has a safe flight,its gonna kill her,3 weeks without Tness lool!!!!!

    Don’t forget Rockcorps on tv this morning!!!!!!
    Can’t see any crap bout T in press today YET!!!!

  340. http://www.ianmcmanus.com/pictures.php?gallery=gallery%2001

    this is the guy who did the Uncle B cover,and those pics T did on her myspace.

  341. T looks sooo pretty on Rockcorps!!! and when they showed the queue outside at the start,someone had a Happy Birthday sign for T!! sweet
    Like her bracelet too.

  342. http://www.shalitglobal.com/press/N-Dubz/cutting.php?id=03

    Rockcorps was really good.T looked pretty as always.
    I think she might have got that bracelet for her bday Nikki,cos i noticed she’s been wearing it since then.

  343. Girls,N Dubz were on a Wireless special on Chart Show TV today,they did a video diary,so if any of u missed it just let me know,cos i luckily stumbled across it just in time!!!!!

  344. http://celebpond.com/?p=266

    new pics from Rockcorps..ignore the Mr Hudson jibe in the piece

  345. OOOOH I missed tht Wireless show!!!! damn!!!! didnt know about it.Can u please send it to me Tonya,thank u.
    Nice pics,aaah T is soo pretty,thanks for posting them.They just HAVE to get their Mr Hudson remarks in tho!!!!

  346. SHOOOOOOOOOT!!! I didnt know tht wireless prog was on!!!! Tonya,what would we do without u!!!
    those are nice pics of T’s bday!!! spoiled by the Mr Hudson thing,as usual!!!!!!!
    I think T might be away,esp since Zoe said Dappy was,cos T still hasnt been on myspace.

  347. ppl will say that Mr Hudson is moving in with Tulisa when they see those pics,and see him with his bags.

  348. Well that wouldnt surprise me Elle!!! I’m sure they will make a story of it!!!
    U’re scared to even look at the papers now incase they are writing more crap bout T n Adam.
    I still think T is away somewhere.

  349. DAILY STAR are at it AGAIN about T n Mr Hudson!!!

    N Dubz babe Tulisa is rumoured to be dating Kanye West’s protege Mr Hudson.Tittletattles say she got close to him after splitting from her Fiance.Lets just hope she’s not making the biggest mistake of her life,and he will be her supanova.

    I’m sick of them writing things like this about T!!! Can u imagine how Adam feels too????? I dont know whats going on with T n Adam,but either way this all must be horrible for him to keep reading.

  350. Oh no!!! not again.God this is awful,don’t like all this speculation.Don’t believe the Mr Hudson rubbish,never did,but i don’t think all these stories are gonna be helping T n Adam any either.
    I agree with u Rach,it must be horrible to read this in news for most of the past week!!! If they are having problems this isnt gonna help,even if they are fine,this isnt nice.

  351. Some new exclusive pics of Mr. Hudson and Tulisa on http://celebpond.com/?p=266

  352. They don’t seem to be letting up on that at all.How many times is that in last week? 4???
    I cant see it being a pleasant experience for either T or Adam,regardless of anything that is or isnt going on with them.
    I think maybe the 1st time u can laugh at it,but the amusement wears off when they keep writing it!!!

  353. Hey jus wanted to say t hop u had a gd bday x

  354. Album is getting a November scheduled release!!!!!! of course tht could change,but so far its Nov!!!

  355. LOOOOL almost choked laughing at tht pic u sent me Tonya!!! tooo funny
    cant wait for the album.

  356. LOL Tonya,that pic is tooo funny,laughed loads at it loool

    Dont know whats happening Elle,T hasnt been on her myspace for a few days now,we think she’s away.I agree tht the mgmt planted the story and it was really wrong of them to say tht stuff about Adam in the story.There was no need for that.Have noticed too tht the mgmt only print on their press page what they want u to hear!! cos there have been stories in press before bout Dappy n Faze doing bad stuff and how funny the mgmt never put them on their press page…so yeah,i do think they were behind the story making Adam out to be not nice too.I agree with u on that Elle.

  357. http://www.littleabout.com/news/26989,n-dubz-front-girl-latest-celeb-refuse-big-money-pose-nude-playboy.html

    lol,thought the pic would make u laugh.We dont know what’s going on yet Elle,cos no-one is confirming anything,as i’ve said before,all i know is what she told my hubby’s nephew bout the ring and we know the Mr Hudson stuff is rubbish.Other than that,we’re in the dark bout anything else.

  358. good news T is alive n well.I just saw that she has been on her myspace today!! she’s been very quiet during all this press crap,she’s been hiding.

  359. Max is such a tease on her show!!!! she said new music from N Dubz,so i’m sitting there waiting,and she played Strong Again!!!! [which i love of course]
    U are just tormenting us Max!!!!!!!!!!

  360. Oh,is she back??? wonder where she’s been hiding!!! prob keeping low profile while all the shit goes on!!!!

    LOL Max is just sooo naughty!! I think we should tell everyone about her flirting.

  361. aah,so Madam T is back is she?? hope she’s well.
    I agree,she’s prob been keeping a low profile somewhere,most likely wondering what is gonna be said next!!! and how to deal with it

  362. Rach,not long to go til u see T!!!! under a week now,how excited are u?
    If u meet her,give her all our love.

  363. I’m sooooo excited.LOL if i met her i would faint n not get to say anything looool.Y’know how excited i was when we got the shout-out on Max’s show lol!!!
    I still cant believe u guys did this for me.

  364. Don’t know what’s happening Elle.

    aaah Rach,u’re gonna have the best time.Tonya has been pretty amazing to all of us Rach

    Max cracked me up on her show today,she was on about the new Chris Rock movie thing about hair,and Max says ”we’ve all had hair at some point” LOL,I almost choked laughing.

  365. LOL,Rachel u are gonna have the best time and we do expect u to scream the place down!!!! bless u’re first gig lol,can’t even rem my first one.I was lucky that cos my dad worked in that business i got in to so many legends’ gigs.I think my first one might have been Frankie Beverley and Maze!!!

    Nikki,lol,i’ve told u,u are all most welcome.

    LOL,i heard Max saying that too,it made me giggle too,as did her getting all hot n bothered talking about Trey Songz!!! she’s clearly been reading the interview he’s done in Honey magazine lol!!!
    She’s more naughty than she lets on,is our lovely Max lol!!!!!

    LOOOL,everyone needs to keep away from Peaches Geldof!!!!!!
    Elle,we dont know any more details yet.We’re as far on in the story as u are.

  366. God,who was my first gig,can’t rem now,prob someone very crap when i was little,like NKOTB or someone LOL!! I should not have admitted to that really hahah i was really young tho hahaha
    Don’t forget repeat of Rockcorps today and Postcard From T4 tomorrow!!!!

  367. lol NKOTB who are they????? loooool kidding.
    Saw Rockcorps will watch again tho!!! also that thing on radio 1 is on tomorrow,the road trip thing.
    Max is gonna rush out n buy Honey mag now if Trey is being nasty in it!!!!!
    Hey Max,why are u ignoring us????????????? lol.

  368. LOL Max isnt talking to us!!!!

    Nikki,we will keep u’re NKOTB secret.we wont tell a soul!!!!

  369. Girls,THANK U SO,SO MUCH for the flowers and money for my bday!!!!!!!!!!!! My God,i cant believe u guys,first N Dubz tickets and now this.I can’t even begin to thank u guys enough.I luv u guys loads.

    Elle,i have noticed that too.

  370. aaah Rach,are u getting spoiled for u’re bday lol
    I don’t think i’ve met anyone quite like Tonya either Rach!!! Thanx Tonya for always including us.
    We luv ya too Rach.

    LOOOOOL don’t u guys DARE tell anyone about NKOTB hahhaha,how embarassing.I shouldve just lied n said someone cool…like Cheeky Girls or something LOOOOL.

    T still not on myspace?????? I know she was on on Monday [i think it was],but she wasnt on long,and that was the 1st time in days.Hmm,bit odd and yeah it does make it seem like she’s hiding Elle,but maybe its cos ppl are filling her inbox with questions about it???????
    I still dont want to believe all tht crap bout T n Adam.I’m seriously sick tho,of ppl chatting about him hitting her,when he bloody didnt!!! I’ve heard so many ppl talking bout it.They just twist what was in the paper,they have no idea how much damage they are doing to the poor guy.

  371. ah u got them ok Rach!!! great,u’re most welcome.We just want u to have a good time.Thought i’d better send them early,before u go off to see the gig!!!!!
    LMAO u girls will be getting me my Sainthood in a minute loool,i wouldnt send them if i didnt want to,and all of u girls are welcome.

    Our lips are sealed Nikki!!!!! it shall go no further than the whole internet.I promise!!!

    I agree Nikki,i’ve seen some pretty horrible stuff about him in last week n half,and it doesnt amuse me either.Its uncalled for and just evil.I’m slightly surprised that hasnt made T say something.
    I think MSN seems to be the biggest culprit for the nasty talk about him.
    T does seem to be keeping a low profile,tho they’re on Radio 1 tomorrow.

  372. Happy Birthday for whenever that is.
    They do talk bout him on MSN,saying he hits her.Its not very nice of her to say nothing,even if they are not together she couldve spoke up to defend him bout that.
    Its those type thinks that stop me from loving her like u guys do,i do like that u can see my point tho.U arn’t so blinded by her fame that u cant see right from wrong.

  373. They talk shit on MSN,and i will smack them one if they say to me bout him hitting her.I’ve had a few rows about it with ppl,cos they believed the crap they were hearing online about that.
    We do know what u mean elle.We love her to death,but that doesnt mean we’re gonna agree with everything.

    Gonna record the T4 thing today,cos gotta go to work,but will have to listen online later at the radio 1,so relying on u guys to let me know what happens on there!!!!!!!!!

  374. Glad Max told us T is ok!!!! sounds like something is going on tho,which is soooo sad and i hope they are both ok,i really do.Wasnt what i wanted to hear.
    I’ll let u know what they say on radio 1 Nikki!!!!!

  375. It does seem that way Rach,and its all very very sad.IF its that way,then all we can do is send both of them our love.
    They’ve kept N Dubz right til end of this show on Radio 1!!!!! making us listen to whole show!!! thts cruel loool

  376. They’ve been cut off!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were about to play new stuff and the line got cut off!!!!!!!!!! TYPICAL!!!!

  377. Cut off???????? during the interview???? damn it.Are the videos online yet????????
    I recorded the T4 thing,so gonna watch that in a bit.

    Girls i gotta ask u something but before i do,i just wanna say MAX,I’M SORRY I’M GONNA TALK BOUT U AS IF U’RE NOT THERE AND ITS NOT GONNA BE NICE!!!!!!

    Have any of u girls seen chatrooms or places where ppl are actually blaming Max for the T n Adam situation???????
    Reason i’m asking is when i came in from work,my sis had been on MSN and she says ppl are chatting this shit on there,and i’m not having it if ppl are saying this bout Max.
    Max,i know u’re gonna say ignore the haters,and we DO try to honestly,but there is some seriously nasty stuff being said lately bout Adam and now they’re starting with Max,and i’m just not having it.I’m not having them talk shit bout Max or Adam.
    Yes,we luv T to bits and we will support n defend her regardless,but it doesnt matter what the T/Adam situation is,there’s no need for the nasty stuff thats being said.And now with Max too…..OH NO!!!! I’m not gonna sit there n say nothing.

    If u girls have seen heard any of this,tell me and i’m gonna blast them.Not having them talk shit bout Max too.

  378. Yeah,they were just about to play the new tracks and the line got cut off,and they couldnt get it back!!! I can’t see any videos online yet of it.

    I heard about ppl saying that too Nikki.Its mostly being said on MSN apparantly.They are just sickos,we dont believe that bout Max or Adam.They need to shut up n stop being nasty.

  379. I BEEPING knew it!!! those idiots have no idea what they are on about.Twats.oooooh they make me sick.

  380. Thts been going round a few days now Nikki,my Dylan showed me it on MSN and i told him not to get involved in any of that talk,as far as i know its been on various chatrooms n such as well!!!

    Did u enjoy T4 today? laughed at T nicking all the sherbet.

  381. still cant find any videos from bbc switch up yet,maybe tomorrow they will be.
    LOL T was sooo funny on T4 when she had all the bags of free stuff lool

    yeah,its mostly all happening on MSN,cos my sis has been chatting to ppl talking bout it too in last few days.She put them straight tho.They just say nasty stuff,they have no idea who they are hurting.

    Elle,Max is lovely,she didnt mean it in a nasty way,she’s not like that.We’ve been chatting n teasing with Max for ages now and she’s never been nasty.She knows we luv T loads and we luv Max loads too.She wouldnt mean it in a nasty way,honestly.

    Elle,also we dont believe T lied when she wrote that to Tonya’s nephew.She didnt need to lie,cos she wasnt actually asked a question.Tonya’s nephew was only chatting about seeing her at T4 On The Beach,and he just told her about what happened with a group of girls.He didnt actually ask her a question bout her ring,so T didnt have to answer him but she did.

  382. Oh Elle,u have picked up Max in completly the wrong way.Max wasnt attacking us,afterall the story IS being talked about all over,thats true and Max knows this.Why would she single us out when she said herself on her show a few days back,that she has ppl calling her show EVERYDAY about the Tulisa situation.Max said this on air,so why would she just single us out.
    U have to understand Elle.Max and Tulisa are friends,and Max is only protecting her friend,thats all.This is why we havent asked Max anything directly about this story,none of us have,cos thats not fair on Max or Tulisa and we completely respect that.
    U’re right Elle,the story IS in the papers n ppl are talking bout it,we have just tried to keep a balanced perspective on it,in that we’ve picked out the bits of the story that we know for sure are false.
    We dont know what’s going on Elle,all we know is this….if its bad news bout Tulisa n Adam then we are all genuinly sad n sorry to hear it.We know that we will support T whatever,but we also know that we wil still wish Adam well and we will support him in whatever way we can,thts all we’re saying.

    I don’t believe for 1 minute that Max feels we are not being respectful,she knows us well enough by now to know we all love Tulisa,we all love Max and she knows we all support Adam.We’ve done it for long enough,its not gonna change just cos there’s a possibility of a problem with them.We’re more loyal than that Elle.Max knows this.

    Also Elle,there’s nothing wrong with us expressing anger about what other ppl on other sites are saying in regards to Adam,cos what they are saying is just pure evil and hurtful and there’s no need for it.There’s nothing disrespectful about that,its purely a matter of right n wrong and ppl using hurtful comments towards him.

    So yeah Elle,as i said u have got the wrong end of the stick with what Max said,she’s only trying to protect her friend,she knows T is private when it comes to her n Adam,and IF there is something wrong then they need to have a chance to either sort it,or seperate in the least painful way possible.Its true the media keep writing stuff are not helping it be any easier.
    U’ve gotta rem Elle,they have been together a long time,and its very,very hard to suffer a break up,its painful [even tho u think T shows no emotion,trust me,it will hurt her] and at this point we dont know that THAT is what has happened.The papers are not the most reliable sources,look at all the false facts we picked out in the story!!!!!
    They have to have time to decide what’s best for them,good or bad and thats what Max meant by respecting her privacy.She wasnt being nasty,trust me.

  383. also Elle regarding with what Tulisa told my hubby’s nephew Jayden,she had no reason to lie,Jayden did NOT ask her a question about her ring,so T didnt need to answer him,or she couldnt answered and not said anything bout the ring.She chose to answer him.

    All he did was say she looked beautiful at T4 OTB and he told her a story about a group of girls behind him at the show,who were getting hysterical cos T didnt wear her ring.He also said to T that she’s a great role model etc
    He didnt ask her a question about anything and he wasnt expecting a reply at all,but yet she chose to write back n tell him about the ring situation
    So as far as we’re concerned,at the time she wrote that msg the situation was she was getting a new one,cos that one kept slipping off her finger
    We have no reason to disbelieve her,cos she chose to write that 2 him.She couldve not bothered,or avoided the subject if she wished.

    If the situation has changed now,then we are sorry to hear it,but as for her lying with that msg.She had no reason to,so i believe that was the situation then

    • thisismax Says:

      Hey Guys
      I have notin but love for you girls as does T you support my radio show read my blog and support N dUBZ ..but here is the thing Tulisa is a normal girl who like you and me wants to have some of her life personal and I understand that so lets just chill and ignore haters and gossip more things to focus on life then crap right!! xxx

  384. Thanks for the video Elle!!!! T looks sooooo gorg as usual.Think they get along really well with Nick n Annie,lol we prefer T on Max’s show tho loool.

    Thanks for u’re input Max!!! we agree with u totally.We on here have all agreed time n time again that one of the biggest things we respect the most about T,was the fact she has tried to keep her relationship out of the press.We completely respect her effort to do that.I dunno how many times we have said we wished more celebs would follow suit.
    We,well me anyway have only taken serious issue with this round of media surrounding T,is because of the aftermath,and what is now being said about Adam.I just dont think its right some of the things that are being said.There’s a big diff between idle gossip and calling someone a woman-beater!!! I take issue with that.Just don’t think he deserves any of that.
    LOOL Max,u know we have to stick up for U and T!!! its a natural reaction,same way as U always stick up for T.

    We were just trying to explain to Elle that with what the press write,there was alot of holes in the story.Thats all Max,also we knew u didnt hate us loool.

  385. Max,can u tell T to listen out for Rachel at their show on Monday LOOOL,its Rach’s 1st gig and she is gonna scream n faint when she see’s T!!!!!!!!

    R u gonna play N Dubz on u’re show today Max???? please dedicate it to Rach,cos its her bday on Sunday!!!!

  386. Aah Max luvs us again loool,we luv u Max n we luv T loads!!!!
    I agree with Nikki,its the really,really bad stuff they are saying bout Adam that we are bothered about.

    LOOOOOL NIKKI,dont even joke about fainting!!! U know i’m going to lool,i’m serious,i’m gonna be sooo excited to see T that i will faint.Look how i was when T n Max gave us the shoutout on her show.I cried!!!!!!!!!!!
    So having T on a stage infront of me,is gonna be toooooo much for me lol!!!!!
    LOOL Sorry T that i will faint at u’re show,but its just cos i luv u loads loool.

  387. aaah Rach,not long to go now til u see T!!!!! I’m sure T would appreciate u fainting for her lol,she’d prob be concerned bout u.

    U have to do it Max,u gotta play some T on u’re show today for Rach’s bday,and to prepare her to see T!!!!!

    Yep,agree with u too Nikki,it is just a natural reaction to defend T,we’re her army Max!!! we go to battle for her lol,but its true as Nikki said,its kinda hard to ignore the damaging stuff regarding Adam being said..other than that we totally respect n love T for guarding her private life.We’ve said it before a few times on here,its nice when she drops lil tidbits in cos we all go aaah,but the fact she doesnt sell her relationship out is something we all respect greatly.

  388. Excellent!!!! pics n vids from yest.How pretty is T!!!!

    hahaha T’s Army lool,thats us.

    Rach hahaha i’m expecting u to faint!!! u have to loool

  389. LOOOOL Nikki i will faint,i just know it loool.I will be so ashamed if i do haha
    I swear if i come face 2 face with T at some time and i faint,i’m telling her u guys told me to do it looool
    I can’t believe still that T is gonna be on a stage right infront of me so,so soon.I still can’t thank u guys enough for it all.sooo excited to see T.

  390. lol Nikki told u to do it Rach!!!! looool
    I would say Max told u to faint,blame Max!!!!!

  391. Thought Zoe was their Auntie?????!!!
    LOL all set to go to Bournemouth today loool,got extra padding for when i faint on Monday looooool.
    I am gonna say Max made me do it!!!! I’ll say i’m doing an experiment for Max’s show,to find out what happens when u come face to stage with T!!!!! lol.

  392. Tonya,look what i’ve found NEW EN VOGUE!!!!! they’re all doing this oriental style lately like PCD etc!! I love En Vogue tho

  393. New En Vogue!!!!!!!!! now i’m getting excited!!! lool nevermind Max and her Destiny’s Child are the best girl band rubbish LOOOL

    hahaha Rach,that sounds like an excellent plan and excuse for when u faint,totally believable lool,and we’ll back u up,we’ll all point at Max for u,so everyone knows its her fault.
    U’re gonna have a great time,soo exciting for u,u’re first gig and seeing u’re idol all in one go.

  394. Hope u have a safe trip to Bournemouth Rach!!! aah lil Rach going to see T…i’m sooo proud lol.
    Rach,we want Zoe to be able to hear u screaming for T all the way in Canada!!!
    I hope u meet T Rach.

    Did he say what i think he did bout T??????????? git!!!

  396. gone off her again now,all this stuff with/about her,just can’t believe she’s been so nasty to that poor bloke.Good singer,not a nice person
    Do hope that the girl Rachel has a great time tho

  397. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ONLY 1 DAY

    LOL!!!!!! Happy Birthday cute lil Rach

  398. T’s lovely Elle.I know all the rumours n stuff make her sound bad,but she’s not,she’s lovely.I understand why u are confused with all the stuff said,but none of it has been confirmed by anybody yet,and its worth noting Elle that T has not changed her relationship status on her myspace.
    Ppl are chatting rubbish elsewhere to make her sound bad.

  399. Happy Birthday Rach!!!! Hope u have a lovely day and get all u wish for..we know u wished to faint infront of T!!!! loool.

    LOOOL Nikki have u been copying my amazing writing skills with that lil poem?????? Wonder if Max is gonna diss u’re poetry in the way she very rudely dissed my Incy Tinchy Stryder poem loool.Hurt my feelings she did lool

    Thts a very interesting Dappy Diss isnt it!!!!!!! lol,and yes,i thought the guy said something very underhanded regarding T and Dappy as well.Stupid boy!!!

    Elle,T is a lovely girl,trust me i’m way,way older than all of these girls,Max and T and i would NOT praise this girl if i didnt believe in what i’m saying.I’ve seen many,many young stars come n go in my time and trust me,T is a keeper.Whether more fame will change her remains to be seen,we can’t see that far into the future,but right now she has the right attitude and the talent to carry her very,very far.
    I’m not a person who gets sucked into the hype surrounding any artist,cos usually the hype is far bigger than the actual talent.And Max takes the mick cos i like old school [loool],but the reason i’m stuck in the old school is because despite all the hype n hoopla surrounding todays acts,there have been none that for me have lived up to the hype UNTIL T came along.TRUST ME ELLE,T has ‘IT’
    As for all the rumours,Nikki is right none have been confirmed and she hasnt changed her status.Whilst i DO agree with u in the mgmt were very,very underhanded in leaking that story about Adam.That was a very cruel thing to do,but the rest of the rumours are so far just that..rumours.

  400. My Dylan is going to see T today lool,wonder if he faints as well!! That would crack me up hahaha

  401. LOOOOL U 2 crack me up!!!!! Thank u girls,i already got my wish when u got me those tickets!! soo excited.
    loool i hope u’re dylan does faint n then its not just me haha

    did that guy say dappy slept with his cousin [T] in tht stupid track????? OMG what an idiot!!!

    T will be well pleased bout what u said bout her Tonya!! and she’s amazing Elle.I think loads of ppl have wrong idea bout her too.

  402. Where is everyoneee?
    Got on free internet at my hotel. Cruise was amazing but Canada kinda suckss. Feel well homesick and miss you guyssss! Flying back next Thurday so yay!!!
    Gladdd yhoo had an amazing time at the gig Rachel!
    Did Dylan enjoy the gig Tonya?
    Guysss but yeah, get back on heree!
    Ive got you some souvenirsss!
    Seee ya laterrrr!

  403. LOL just noticed u were writing on this bit Zoe SORRY!!!!!!!! hahaha we’re still here i promise.We’ve just been writing on the other thread

    Dylan’s gig was cancelled when he got there!!!!!!!!!!!

  404. U really are nb 1!!!

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