It was realy hard to watch on TV yesterday but I though The Jacksons gave the King Of Pop the memorial he was worthy of. Lots of big names took to the stage including Mariah Carey, Lionel Ritchie & Usher.
Michaels daughter Paris stole my heart ..

Seeing welsh boy Shaheen part of that line up was lovely he is only 12 and such a nice kid he was on my show during Britian’s Got Talent final and told me how much he loved Michael!

Jonathon Blake who works on my show at BBC caught up with Shaheen straight after check out the interview below!

What was it like for you to be a part of that memorial to Michael Jackson?

It was completely surreal. I’m so happy I got to say goodbye in an individual way that nobody else could ever do. It was really great to think I was a part of it.

It was an incredible setting – so many people there and millions watching around the world – were you nervous?

I was nervous. I think it was just the case that it was Michael Jackson’s memorial and I had to get it right and I had to follow up so many great performances before me. It was really something special.

And what about the song “Who’s Lovin’ You?” When did you find out you would be performing and what you would be singing?

I found out on Friday.

What was your reaction when you knew that you would be singing there?

I was just overwhelmed the Jackson family had asked me to perform. It was completely surreal, I couldn’t believe it, I was so touched.

We saw you on stage paying tribute as well as performing. How important was Michael Jackson when you were growing up and how much of an influence has he been on you?

He’s my idol. He’s my hero, because of him I wouldn’t be who I am today so it was really sad to say goodbye to him.

What was it like backstage? Who did you meet and what was the atmosphere like?

It was a weird atmosphere. I met some really famous people backstage and it was fun.

Is it all going to sink in when you go back home to Wales and speak to your friends and family about what you’ve done?

Yeah, I think it will be more real to me when I go back and think about it properly in more depth. I’m just going to enjoy LA now.

There are going to be a lot of people around the United States who’ve seen you and heard you sing now. Is that exciting for you?

Yeah it’s pretty exciting. We’ll just have to see what happens in the future now.

Is there one moment that will stick out for you?

I think it was just the whole experience of me singing and Michael Jackson being in front of me.


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